Week 39

Just as a normal update and recap: Week 39 went slow as all hell. Waiting, waiting, waiting for labor to start and it never did. Braxton Hicks contractions, or whatever they are, suck. Just want to be holding a baby and not grumbling over my aching stomach and not being able to sit up straight … Continue reading

39 Weeks 5 days…

See, I told you this pregnancy was never going to end! I thought maybe she would come yesterday, since S came at 39-4, but obviously she has her own agenda. Personally, I think it’s to torture me. I have my normal off-on contractions throughout the day, but nothing happens. I have been having to poo … Continue reading

Week 38

Well, folks – I’m getting closer to being done. And I totally feel like this pregnancy is never going to end! Week 38 was just HOT that’s it. I hate my life, I hate Arizona, I hate the heat, I hate the sun, hate hate hate everything. And now my mother unexpectedly showed up for … Continue reading