Follow Me To My New Place!

Now that I’m not pregnant, and I’ve had my Little One, it’s time to retire this blog until next time when I start my next unassisted journey through childbearing and birth.

Here is the link for my new blog, Unassisted Journey Pt.2
If you enjoyed the show here, my life with two kids now should be super entertaining, haha!
Thanks for accompanying me on my journey, I got a lot of support from other moms who don’t want to be stuck. Forced to conform to the ways of modern western medicine, where a woman has no rights and her baby is constantly put in unnecessary danger for the sake of ‘what if’ and ‘because we have the technology it must be good.’
I will always be a rights activist to keep medicine and the government out of our healthcare and our bodies. When we let the government and medical professionals own our bodies we have really given up all hope for our lives and future. Only you should have the say in what happens to your body and health and those of your families.
Stay strong.
New age technology doesn’t mean shit when it’s what’s causing all of our health problems in the first place.

Women have the right to give birth wherever, with whomever they please. You don’t own us.


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