My Unassisted Baby – Already 6 weeks old!!!

My Pretty Growing Girl!



Time is flying by super fast!!

It’s already been 6 weeks today since my little Z was born! She’s gained 3lbs and 2.5″ since birth and has already outgrown the smallest snap on the Grovia Newborn AIOs, and could probably go down a snap in her x-small Charlie Banana’s, but they still fit good on the tightest setting. She fits into newborn clothes the best, but my favorite outfits for her are all 3 months, so that’s what I dress her in when we go out. The newborn outfit I have I decided I don’t like because of shoulder ruffles, haha! 😀


We took her to her Chiropractor at 2.5 weeks to get checked out.
We’re still waiting on the birth certificate, remind me next time to go to the doctor at least once, or at least go to one of those clinics that do free pregnancy tests. I went to have an ultrasound, but their company doesn’t keep any paperwork so I don’t know what’s going on at Vital Records with Z’s birth certificate. Without that we can’t get her a passport so we can go to Mexico – I really need some Domperidone for my boobs to make more milk, and I haven’t found a dr. Not to mention have no way to go to a Dr since O works 7 days and when he gets home is when everything closes…, and O’s grandma lives in Mexico City and we had wanted to visit her eventually.

As for an update on how I have been doing and all that post-partum stuff mom’s want to know about but no-one else really does…

I’m 6-weeks PP as of yesterday and I feel pretty great.
My biggest complaint is about my feet. In the last months of pregnancy something weird happens and when you get out of bed your foot hurts like a b****, like there’s something really ouchie inside or like it’s fallen asleep and won’t wake up. Well, that still hasn’t gone away and I can’t walk around for long periods of time or else my foot feels 100x worse and by the end of the… say grocery store trip, I’m limping like… for lack of better more “PC” term, a cripple. (Since apparently we’re not allowed to use any of the words we grew up with before people had a problem with it.)

My bleeding stopped at 9 days PP, and it’s come and gone (pink when wiping) when I overdo myself or try to do too much… or get too stressed. But it’s gone. That is a FAR, FAR, FAR cry from the 2 months I was bleeding after my hospital birth with S. Just for that, I would UC again in a heartbeat, no question.

My tear is healed and my weird little dangly thing… Well you can’t even tell it’s there.

I let hubby inside for the first time the other night (not much because it’s still a little foreign and tender right now) and he says that I feel normal and possibly tighter. I would say he’s just being nice, but my husband is always honest, and he’s a really terrible liar so he knows better than to even try. I chalk this tightness up to the fact that I have babies with small heads, and I shoot them out before my vagina has had proper time to stretch out for their admittance into the world. KA-POW YOU’RE BORN! I should totally find someone to make a (UC) birth comic book!!!

My son (4) has been a terrific help, to the point where I am super lazy this time compared to last time, because I have a little helper who works for quarters and spaghetti. 😉
And he absolutely loves being a big brother. Except when the binkie doesn’t work and she’s screaming at us to change her diapers every five minutes. Ha!

Big Brother Stacy

Big Brother S and Little Z

I’m not sure I’ll have any more kids, having another really reminded me how much work and how much pain labor really is, and I’m not sure I want to do it again. Plus O isn’t really the hands-on type of husband so I’m pretty much alone in parenting duties and he just brings home the bacon for me to cook. Very 1940s right? I don’t really mind as long as he spends time with S, does the dishes, and takes out the trash. Preferably before it starts overflowing, but we can’t win them all, right? 🙂

And I’ve completely gotten over my gender disappointment I had at 20 weeks. I love having a little girl and I look forward to dressing her up and talking about boys, periods, style, problems, shoes… and whatever. I’m kind of worried about doing the hair, because my mom wasn’t much for doing my hair in nice little fishtail braids like everyone else’s. This kid is going to have pigtails or dreadlocks and that’s about as far as it goes, HAHA. I am definitely NOT going to force her into a perm like my mom did to me, “Aww A, but it was so cute, then you had to go and comb it out and ruin it!.” (Seriously we just had this conversation like a week or two ago!)
I will definitely let her pierce whatever and color her hair whenever. Speaking of piercing, is it one month or three months that’s the norm for piercing a baby’s ears? Well, we’ll get it done sometime. This I had to talk O into (he doesn’t like needles). He said she can ask for it when she’s older, I said, “Ok, but if our kids ask for a tattoo when they’re twelve then I’ll say yes in that case.”


Anyways, that’s pretty much where life is right now. Along with my 4-year-old asking for every toy in every infomercial.


My Big Boy S
(Who wants everything he sees on TV!)


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