My Take on Breast Feeding – REBLOG!


Love this girl for putting it out there.

However you’re feeding your baby, at least you’re feeding it!

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via My Take on Breast Feeding.



I’m one of those that can’t breastfeed. So I pump like crazy. I do have those feelings of complete failure for not being able to do the most natural thing and have my boobs directly feed my babies. I feel guilty, like everybody’s watching when I pull out a bottle to feed my baby in public. Whether it has breast milk or formula.

But I also feel the need to remind people that sometimes the boobs aren’t made for the babies. Sometimes, they just don’t fit or work right. And you self-righteous perky-boobed-giant-nippled bitches can suck my flat nonexistent nipple then go sit and spin on that pedestal you raise your brown nose from.

I wish with all my heart that I could whip my boobs out and feed my baby anywhere. That without a bottle my baby wouldn’t starve. Some things just aren’t meant to be. I can do all kinds of crunchy natural things, but breastfeeding doesn’t seem to be one of them.

So I’ll just sit here and be attached by my boobs to a giant electric thing that sucks the life out of them, for at least 6 hours out of the day, but probably more.

You can’t handle what I have to do to feed my child.



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