Week 39

Just as a normal update and recap:

Week 39 went slow as all hell.
Waiting, waiting, waiting for labor to start and it never did.
Braxton Hicks contractions, or whatever they are, suck.
Just want to be holding a baby and not grumbling over my aching stomach and not being able to sit up straight because there’s a butt inside my stomach that’s in the way ALL THE TIME!
Like holding a boulder and just sitting there with it on your stomach.

As always I have contractions basically every day. But they don’t stay forever and eventually taper out into nothingness. When all I want is for them to get more painful, stay on par, and end up pushing a baby through my vag. Yeah, I’m not going to pretty it up, you should see the look on O’s face when I said that earlier. “I don’t want them to go away! I want them to hurt more, like my vagina is going to rip apart and gush blood or something!”

So tomorrow I’m officially 40 weeks.

This week I didn’t do anything special. Today I actually did a load of laundry, knitted what was supposed to be a wool diaper cover… Yeah that didn’t turn out great…, made dinner, watered the yard, went to the grocery store for pregnant lady munchies (this time meaning 3 boxes of cereal, jello, pudding, ice cream – technically that was S’, and chicken marinated in garlic spices), annnd tried to figure out what to name my nameless future daughter.
No idea.
Everything I have, O shot down… Which is normal for him, the only reason my son has a name is because it belongs to a skateboarder. Not like I care, whatever I choose will be the name anyways. But it would be nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of. My mother is the worst baby namer in the world. She literally looked through a calendar after her name choice was shot down by my dad!
She keeps saying things like Emelia, Emily, Ava, etc.
Not my style. I want something with feeling, originality…stuff like that. S decided on ZsaZsa – which I totally LOVE. But try picking a middle name to go with that, haha! So then I looked into ZsaZsa’s given name, Sàri (sha-ree), but I don’t like it as much.
Go figure. My baby will never get named. Lol.

It rained today. Which made me wish I was in labor because it was so nice and calming and made the temperature perfect.

Did I mention that she’s getting so big it literally HURTS when she moves around. Such as when she does that butt bumping thing against the top of my stomach it hurts just as bad as a contraction and half the time I can’t tell the difference.
It sucks.
I wish men could go through all this… Especially my husband. HA 🙂

Well we’ll see what happens the rest of the week.
That castor oil is looking mighty tempting right now I tell you what.

Week 40 better include a baby 😀 
Or I might lose what’s left of my mind. Sigh…


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