Week 37

Finally, another week down! Hopefully only one more to go, but who knows when this little girl will decide to make her appearance!

This week I found a Thirsties Duo Wrap (diaper cover) in the clearance at Target for $3.26. Super stoked! They are online only product and normally $13! So, it gave me a good excuse to buy it and try a different brand. 🙂
Addicted, seriously – I love diapers.

Yesterday my daddy came down to visit. His birthday is on Thursday but he’ll be in California for work so he won’t be able to come down. We just did the usual, went out to eat, looked at/attempted to fix my car, and we even went swimming! (Well, dad watched – he hasn’t gone swimming with me in about 13 years! Slacker!)
He was also super annoying, almost as much as my mother! “You shouldn’t be holding S.” “Are you allowed to go swimming?”
*eye roll*
I had him bring down my dog, Baby to come live with us. In the past 4 years my dad has managed to get her completely overweight and I think she’s starting to go blind in one eye.
Hopefully living with us and eating better food will either give her longer to live (she’s going to be 10 this Christmas!), or at least make her last few years more comfortable so she’s not waddling around and hyperventilating. It breaks my heart you know, she’s my first child. I know everything has a time to go, but I’m not ready to lose the puppy I raised since she was just a little bigger than the palm of my hand and used to sleep on my face until she got too big and had to start sharing the bed. So we’re going to try to at least get her a little healthier and hopefully I won’t be so paranoid about losing her.
And so my husband can stop calling her a pig.
Its not her fault she is fat and snorts because she can’t breathe.

So I’m starting week 38 now… For me this is kind of the home stretch. It’s also hopefully my last week, haha. S was born at 39 weeks 4 days, so I guess I’m just hoping his sister gets finished around relatively the same timeframe. Or any day now, either/or haha. I am ready to finally not be pregnant and have another baby.
The last few weeks of waiting is definitely the hardest, and though I can understand why some women want to induce or get a c-section because they’re impatient, it makes me completely sick to see all those posts online once a girl decides she’s “done”. Mostly because I see it as mostly the child’s choice – when they want to come, they will. Yes, I’m sick of being pregnant, I want to see my daughter and hold her. All of that crap. But I know that unless she’s the one who makes the choice, then I have no say in the matter.
Here’s hoping she decides to come soon.

But it’s OK if she takes a while too, I’m still waiting for the birth certificate paperwork in the mail, and I haven’t solidly decided on a middle name yet.
I’m thinking of scratching out both ideas I had because I want to use them both, so I’m trying to replace them in order to avoid inner conflict with naming. Ha! Yeah that or my baby is going to have two middle names, and O is right, that’s kind of ridiculous.

Nothing much actually happened during week 37. We saw the fireworks last weekend for 4th of July, set off some in our yard, walked around Walmart (I get bad cabin fever and boredom since O started working his old job again. 7 days a week with both jobs, it sucks). Oh, I finally did some laundry yesterday! We’ve been avoiding it since the power bill is going to be almost $300. I need to pick up all my baby clothes and get things together I guess.

I’ve been watching Lost on Netflix for like a week at least… Since I ran out of Vampire Diaries, haha. I think I’m starting to get bored with it though.

Did you hear Ian Somerhalder might play Christian Grey for that book-movie… The sex one.. Fifty Shades of Grey.
Yeah, the only way I’ll go see that is if Ian’s in it HA 🙂
I remember back when I wasn’t a mom and….

See you when I get to Week 39!


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