Week 36

Wooohooo! Only 2-3 more weeks of this pregnancy thing!
(I’m setting my own ‘due date’ for the 39th week since that’s when my son came last time, haha)
But seriously, I can NOT WAIT for this to be over… And then when it finally is, I will miss it and spend the first two months begging Hubby for another baby. He’ll dismiss the idea, I’ll be heart broken, then in about a year he’ll want another and I’ll be like “FOOL, YOU’RE CRAZY!” 🙂

Week 36… Hmm well let’s see. I sat on my ass, watched TV, played, read, and hung out with my darling terror of a son… And that’s about it.
Hubby’s old job called and asked him to come back, it’s more money and we’re struggling with an insane electric bill, so he did and that’s where he is now. What really sucks is that he’s back to two jobs and working 7 days a week. He likes his newer job better because he gets to make real food, to order, in a real kitchen, from scratch, but he’s not picky I guess. I told him the other night, “I wish you could believe in yourself like I do.”
He can do anything he wants to set his mind to, you know? I think he should at least stand up for himself in regards to them asking him to come back. They’re not even paying him the same amount! It’s bullshit, but it’s his choice. If he wanted a second job so much, I could have found one for him, you know?
I don’t understand why it has to be right now, we’re about to have a baby and I would kind of like him to be around when it happens!
Although I can’t complain about paid holidays off and weekends, and paid vacation… Sigh. :-\

So that’s basically what I’m whining about this week. I am the queen of annoying, whiney, pregnant ladies lately.

My neighbor had her baby a couple of weeks ago.. Or last week… Something like that.
O and I are to the point where we only like to see friends’ babies to see how ugly they are. We’re not really baby/kid people. We like ours, but that’s about it, haha. As always, after being allowed around her (the neighbor’s) girls, my son is being a complete asshole and it’s going to take a month to deprogram him.
Hubby says I can’t keep S from being around kids. I say, “WELL I KNOW THAT! But I can try to make sure he’s only around GOOD kids!”
The future is already set for those girls, they’re going to be alcoholic sluts who use guys to get whatever they want and treat them like crap.
Whereas my son is a good boy who treats people nicely. You know, the kind of guy that gets used and abused by those slutty girls.
I guess I should train him to be more of a douchebag asshole in order to protect him from stupid girls.
Even my big burly father has been screwed over by being too nice to women, so for once “I’ll leave him with grandpa for the summer!” Wouldn’t even work. Seriously, his last girlfriend totally screwed him over, helped in his going bankrupt, trashed our house, smoked pot, and my lovestruck father, who doesn’t take crap from ANYONE would buy her fat ass flowers for no reason on any given day.

Boys are stupid. Especially when it comes to girls.
That’s why I need to figure out how to get my son to not be so nice to them… Or something. Sigh. Parenting is hard work.

Feeling alright pregnancy-wise. I’m 11lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight, which sucks, but hopefully it won’t go any higher. And hopefully I’ll lose like 40lbs after birth like my friend just did when her baby was born. That would be lucky.
Haven’t gotten sick this week. I felt like puking a couple of times, but I didn’t! Milk is starting to taste really gross though, which sucks because I love milk… But it’s not really good for you unless its human milk, so I should probably stop drinking it anyways. I think I tried that once and obviously it didn’t work out for more than maybe a month.

I’ve been really reclusive lately. I just started calling my mom again after like 2-3 weeks. Normally I talk to her daily, so I guess not talking kind of caught her off guard. Normally if I go that long she starts apologising, thinking I’m mad at her, HA! Chill mom, I’m not talking to anyone or going out anywhere or anything. I’m avoiding the world!

I watched all the seasons of The Vampire Diaries.. Now I have to wait until OCTOBER!? Ughhhh. At least after 4 years they finally graduated from highschool, haha.
I started watching Lost to see Ian Somerhalder play someone besides a vampire in love with an idiot. I wonder if he’s a nice guy in real life or if he’s an asshole. Normally guys who date girls like Nina Dobrev are assholes.. But once in a while they’re nice guys who date asshole girls. I was surprised to find out she’s my age and he’s 10 years older. Is it wrong that I’m happy they broke up and I didn’t even know about them existing while they were dating? HAHA.
Honestly, all the Vampire Diaries does for me is make me want to relive my teenage years or run off to Las Vegas and get drunk and have lots of hot sex…With biting. Real life isn’t that passionate when you’re in a relationship forever. That’s probably why Stefan and Elena barely lasted a year. It gets boring.
I wouldn’t trade it for anything anymore, but once in a while you just want to go back to when you were young and free to do whatever with whomever.
I hate being 24 and feeling like I’m 100.
I secretly want to go out and do things that people my age are supposed to be doing. Like getting drunk, travelling, and having fun sex. I’m going to be one of those people when I’m 40. The moms that finally don’t have kids at home so they can do whatever they want and try to regain some of the person they lost when they became a parent.
Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom.
But I really just want to be ME sometimes.

Rant over, heh… :-\


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