Week 35

Contractions, anger issues, hormones, eating everything in site, overheating, aches and pains.

Yep, just a few more weeks left of this wonderful thing called pregnancy. 🙂

Week 35

This week went pretty quickly, but could have gone a little faster even. I say that mostly because of the contractions. Here and there I get pretty regular painful contractions. They eventually wane out and go away, but it drives me crazy while they’re hitting me. So, my body is definitely getting ready to get this baby out.

The other day I finally pulled out the pack’n’play and the baby’s clothes. Mainly because I was bored and I want to feel like I’m at least doing something to prepare for the little one, but now it’s just a giant mess in my bedroom. Obviously since this is a secret pregnancy (in-laws are NOT allowed to know, that way they can’t ruin my life for a second time), I had to set it up in my bedroom and not in the living-room where it will be after the baby is born.

We just got a new couch for the living-room, and a couch for S’ room that same day I set up the baby stuff. The couch for S’ room is so he can start sleeping in his own room. Which he did the first night we got it, but last night I let him sleep in the pack’n’play because his room was so hot and I flip the breakers for the power at night so I couldn’t plug in the fan in his room. The breaker for his room turns on half of the downstairs so it’s not worth flipping it on, our next power bill is already estimated to be over $265. That’s $265 that we really don’t have. This place is killing us financially. Anyways, he was a lot more comfortable with sleeping in his own room than I was. You know how you can’t get to sleep if your bed is empty after you get used to sleeping with someone else (friend, child, partner, parents, for example), well that’s how I feel without my little booger-boy. It took me forever to get to sleep. He even brought me a stuffed animal to “hug so you fall asleep!” Hmph. So much for my little mama’s boy!

I finally cleaned my living room the other day. I think it’s the first time I’ve cleaned anything by choice since I got pregnant last autumn. It’s kind of cool to be able to see the floor again… Or in the case of this house, for the first time since we moved in! Now if I could get motivated to finish unpacking and cleaning the rest of the house. So far S’ room and the living room are the only ones that are decent enough for people to walk into. Of course, the only reason for my son’s room being clean is because of the couch we just bought him. (By the way, we only spent $40 for two couches and some random stuff for the house at Goodwill. The living-room sofa was only $13!)

I’m ready for this baby, but the house isn’t. Heh… J

I guess I haven’t really been “nesty,” but that’s not really in my personality anyways. I’ve pretty much given up on having a clean house since my son was about 2 years old and I’ve been with O for too long to expect him to help out around the house. Which I guess as a housewife I shouldn’t be expecting any help from him anyways, but I’ve never met anyone in my life that can make a mess like my wonderful husband… That is, besides his little evil spawn, my son. It’s really been a job on its own to keep the little dude from re-destroying both the living-room and his bedroom. S is like a living, breathing TORNADO!

And that’s pretty much been my Week 35 experience.

Bitchy, eating everything in sight, finally cleaning something, looking through the baby’s stuff, avoiding people altogether, trying to stay cool in my 85 degree house, and I think I’ve also kind of given up on cooking, AGAIN. Probably the reason I’ve gained like 5lbs in the past week. 😉 Not too proud of that one, I was doing so well at trying to stay at least AT my pre-pregnancy weight. Right now I’m almost 10lbs above my pre-pregnancy weigh. I guess it could be a lot worse, like last time when stress from the in-laws caused me to gain 70lbs and I’ve pretty much just kept between 25-50lbs of that since S was born. At least this time I will weigh less AFTER birth than I did BEFORE getting pregnant! I wanted to come off of this pregnancy 25-50lbs lighter, but I guess I can settle for about 10lbs lighter. Hopefully more, but who knows what will happen in reality, every body is different.

I hate being fat.


Week 36 – Maybe it will get me back down those almost 10lbs that I’ve gained in the past week.

And that there are no more contractions before labor itself, because they SUCK.


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