This post is kind of going to be a mid-week 35 update and kind of a public service announcement for pregnant women who are all kinds of paranoid. Which I notice a LOT in the first-time-moms. I really hope I wasn’t like them last time around, I would like to think I handled myself very well on trusting what my body was up to and feeling when I was a first-timer.
However, you completely forget everything about pregnancy and birth once you have a baby.

That’s the magic that makes you want to do it all over again as soon as you push a watermelon out of your lemon-sized vagina.

So, contractions. I’ve been having a few over the past week or two. But today was pretty much off and on, and not able to get comfortable because there’s an annoying little girl head-butting my cervix and kicking my innards and ribs. This must be a glimpse into my future of motherhood to a small female human. Complete painful death. (HAHA =] )

Speaking of head-butts, she just did it again. I seriously cannot get comfortable sitting or lying down in any position. DEATH.

Contractions, for me, feel like the worst period cramps I have ever had.
Then again, I don’t really remember what period cramps feel like while I’m pregnant, so they could just feel like normal period cramps and I wouldn’t know because it’s been almost 10 months since I’ve had any sort of painful PMS symptoms. I just know the shit is uncomfortable and I have decided this baby can come whenever she wants, I think I’m getting to the end of my pregnancy rope. 😉

Anyways, I’ve heard the period-like contractions mean that’s a sign of back labor. I don’t know about all of that, my son was a super-quick birth (5hrs total labor from first contraction), posterior like he was “supposed” to be and my pregnancy with him was completely smooth and uneventful. I’ve heard back labor is common with anterior babies, so that’s why I threw that out there.
I think some women just have different contractions than others.
My stomach doesn’t harden or tighten that I can feel or see. I just get a really bad cramp every once in a while.
When labor sets in, the cramp intensifies 100x. When I felt my first few with my son’s labor, I bit down on my husband’s shoulder to deal with them. Later squeezing his hand and whatever else I could do during them to think about something else.

So that’s my take on contractions. And I’m currently having another one. It sucks, but actually it’s a lot easier to handle than a 4 year old…. Which is why I’ve been wishing for a way to shove my now “fucking 4” year old back into my vagina until he turns 18. 😛


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