Week 34

Another long week of being miserable, hot, angry, pregnant lady.
I had honestly given up on week 34 to end and didn’t even notice that I finally made it to week 35! Phew, now that that’s over! Right? …
Yeah, probably not going to make much of a difference. What’s another week when I’ve been counting them for 9 months?! Sigh.

This past week, I did absolutely NOTHING!
Hubby didn’t get paid until today so we haven’t had any money to go anywhere… Oh, I think we did go swimming last week… I needed to break in my new maternity swimsuit you see, but my sweet little son was being a pain (he doesn’t remember how to swim this year, even though last year he was a champ and was swimming all on his own with no floaties, nothing but goggles! Now he’s afraid that he’s going to sink, and I got rid of his floatie suits.) If we lived somewhere with yearlong pools (you know like up north where they have indoor pools, or put a bubble thing over the pool to make it indoor like where I grew up in Idaho), then we wouldn’t have had a problem and he would still remember how to swim!
Its aggravating. But I know he can do it, so I guess I just have to wait for him to remember.
The sucky part is that I was looking forward to floating around, letting the water take the pressure off from being humongous and pregnant and achy… Float around and relax, you know? Instead I have to hold a 4 year old because he thinks he’s going to sink. So he’s holding onto me like a giant squid or octopus. Life or death grip.

No relaxing allowed for this pregnant lady!

Other than that, it’s been a steady 107-110°F and my house has stayed a steady 80-85°F. DEATH DEATH DEATH.
My mom gave us money to buy fans and a window air-conditioner. Well a window AC would let more hot air in (our windows are too big to have one and not need to cover the giant hole), so we got three fans and if they don’t help, then we’ll resort to the AC. We’re also going to call the maintenance people and have them look at the AC, because it shouldn’t be this hot all the time INSIDE, no matter what time of year it is!

Yes week 34 was a very hot and sweaty week. I’m so tired of sweating INSIDE, while hiding from the heat of outside.

I’m now in my second day of Week 35, so only two more weeks until I make it to 37 weeks and then I can start gearing up for labor!
I was planning on going to my dad’s for his birthday, but with O’s work schedule, I don’t know if that’s going to happen or not. I need to go up there anyways (if I ever get tires on the car to make the trip) and have my dad look at the AC and make it work again. But we never have money or time.

Our power bill is estimated to be $300!
That’s fucking insane.
I hate monopolies (SRP – SALT RIVER PROJECT – the electric company), I hate being ripped off, I hate corporate bullshit, and I hate radioactive smart meters.

I really wish we could move to Mexico or somewhere..not America.


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