Week 33

The longest week ever.
OK, probably not ‘EVER’, but I’m beginning to get impatient, so I’m kind of going nuts… Just ask my son and husband.
No but really, hormones are kind of taking over my normal self, and I’ve been like a super Godzilla BITCH.
These crappy dreams I keep having aren’t helping either. I have at least 3 VIVID dreams per night. Have one, get up go pee. Have another, get up go pee. One more, get up and go pee. Smack hubby for whatever I dreamed about. This morning he was sleeping with a chick at work. (In my DREAM!)
I wish this baby would come just so I don’t have to deal with these dreams all the time!
Oh well, I’m starting week 34 tomorrow, so I only have about 5 weeks left (going by when I went into labor with S). In another month, maybe my head will be back to normal. Hopefully my son will be back to normal too so I can stop screaming when he’s bad and destroys everything in the house.
Yesterday I found him with a cup of tea, full of my chocolate shell stuff for ice cream… Not to mention the chocolate was all over the living room.
Day before yesterday he destroyed all my makeup in the bathroom, pulled everything off a shelf (he’s a climber), and cut up a 12 pack of toilet paper with my hair scissors.
Like it’s not bad enough I’m already grumpy and pregnant. My normally awesome little dude is in his ‘fucking fours’ and making me want to shave my head so I don’t pull out all of my hair.
This baby thing was a bad idea.
How am I supposed to deal with a baby and a preschooler? I’m already at my wits’ end. I am perfectly fine with just my beautiful son. (Who is normally very well-behaved.. Until we moved over here and he met those evil girls that belong to my pregnant neighbor. Bahhh. He’s been an asshole ever since.) I’m hoping once his sister gets here that he’ll be too preoccupied with her and helping me, that he will forget about all the bad manners he picked up from those kids. And hopefully we’ll be able to get out and do things. Maybe spend a week at my mom’s or something, I don’t know… Probably not since it doesn’t look like I’m ever going to take my car to my dad’s to fix the air-conditioning.
I hate summer in the ‘valley of the sun’.
It wouldn’t even be that bad if it wasn’t for the pavement, and the lack of water anywhere nearby. At least back home (where its 10°F hotter), there is a lake and a river to keep cool and have fun. Here in the city its just, “Stay inside so you don’t die.”
I can’t even enjoy my yard anymore because it’s too hot to sit outside, even in the sprinkler.
I finally got a maternity swimsuit (great deal at Motherhood), and it was so not the other day, I put it on and literally sat IN the sprinkler.

I would kill to live somewhere nice like northern California, Oregon, or Washington state. A girl can dream right?
It would be possible if I could just talk the hubby into selling our stuff and moving. But he has an unhealthy attachment to ‘stuff’. I could give away all of mine and S’ things, and O would still have enough stuff to fill a moving truck that he ‘just can’t part with‘! And it’s all CRAP! All I need is our family pictures and some clothes. S just needs some toys and clothes. The girl only needs diapers and clothes. And O apparently needs everything he’s ever owned since high school.

Bah. I’ll be stuck here until I’m 5000000 years old (dead).

Heat definitely doesn’t help the moodiness in someone that’s almost in the last month of pregnancy. It’s probably half the reason I’ve been taking off O’s head on a daily basis lately. I feel sorry for women and husbands alike who have to go through the entire summer pregnant. I would probably end up in jail for killing my whole family in a psycho pregnant heat rage if I had to spend the whole summer pregnant. Especially August when it’s hottest.
My next baby will be better planned to be born around March or April. It was so much easier with my son, it wasn’t hot all the time, and by summertime he was already big enough to be fun on vacation in the summer.
Oh well, at least with this one I can give birth in the river. Ha. (If we had a river around here,  there’s a manmade lake, but I still think you can grow an extra limb if you stay in it long enough… Or get Turtle Power!)
Speaking of. Tomorrow is Hubby’s day off, we should go to the lake for a picnic or something. Yeah… We’re too lazy to go outside in the heat… I am definitely. Haha.

Come on Week 34, get over with quick so I can be closer to being finished being miserable and pregnant!


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