Week 36

Wooohooo! Only 2-3 more weeks of this pregnancy thing! (I’m setting my own ‘due date’ for the 39th week since that’s when my son came last time, haha) But seriously, I can NOT WAIT for this to be over… And then when it finally is, I will miss it and spend the first two months … Continue reading

Week 35

Contractions, anger issues, hormones, eating everything in site, overheating, aches and pains. Yep, just a few more weeks left of this wonderful thing called pregnancy. 🙂 Week 35 This week went pretty quickly, but could have gone a little faster even. I say that mostly because of the contractions. Here and there I get pretty … Continue reading


This post is kind of going to be a mid-week 35 update and kind of a public service announcement for pregnant women who are all kinds of paranoid. Which I notice a LOT in the first-time-moms. I really hope I wasn’t like them last time around, I would like to think I handled myself very well … Continue reading

Week 34

*yawn* Another long week of being miserable, hot, angry, pregnant lady. I had honestly given up on week 34 to end and didn’t even notice that I finally made it to week 35! Phew, now that that’s over! Right? … Yeah, probably not going to make much of a difference. What’s another week when I’ve … Continue reading

Week 33

The longest week ever. OK, probably not ‘EVER’, but I’m beginning to get impatient, so I’m kind of going nuts… Just ask my son and husband. No but really, hormones are kind of taking over my normal self, and I’ve been like a super Godzilla BITCH. These crappy dreams I keep having aren’t helping either. … Continue reading