Week 32

I’m currently in Week 32. And getting bored between blog posts.
So, I’m starting this one DURING the week, instead of at the beginning of the next week, like I normally do!

Baby moves around, A LOT. Which is definitely GOOD. But she’s getting really big, so it’s really uncomfortable, and sometimes painful. Especially since she can’t decide where she wants to sit. “Do I want to make mommy pee every two seconds and nothing comes out?” Or, “Do I want to sit on Mommy’s stomach so she can’t eat more than three bites?”  “OH I KNOW! I’ll spin around and madly punch and kick out and annoy the bejeezus out of her while she’s trying to relax and enjoy dinnertime!”  Yes, that’s pretty much how it’s been. After I’m done eating it’s not so annoying, but during my dinnertime I prefer to be left in peace without little jabby jabs keeping me from my magnificent food. 😛

It’s getting harder to bend over. As in, I bend over, but there’s a ball of baby in my stomach that pushes inwards and squashes my innards.

It’s getting harder to sit up. She pretty much lies in my ribcage when I try to sit up straight. Which is why I’m lying on my back right now, and on the couch or anywhere else, I have to sort of prop myself up with my hands and lean back, instead of sitting up straight.

Started washing the last of the diapers. My all-in-ones (which I thought I had more for newborn size), and the covers (which thankfully only need washed once).  All of my prefolds and flats (flour sack towels) are completely prepped, folded, and ready for a baby to be put in them. I’m super excited to start diapering… Mostly because I’ve done all this work and have all these diapers and without a baby, they’re just kind of sitting there and going to waste. So much so that I keep trying to talk S into letting my put him in a diaper. HAHA! Nice try mom!

I still have 3 more days until Week 33 starts, so maybe I’ll have more to update with by then.

I have to say, I’m kind of getting impatient to finally have a little baby around.
I’m sure that impatient feeling will go back to extreme TERROR before she finally decides to make an appearance.
And there’s still a part of me that’s thinking when “she” comes out, “she” will be a “he”. Then what do I do with all these little girl clothes and pink and purple themed diapers!? I know it’s unrealistic  to think it will be a boy. But hey, shit happens right?
I’m still scared of having a girl…
And there’s still the fear of changing a girl’s diapers. I’m going to have to find a youtube video or a poster diagram or something. Baby vaginas are weird. And I don’t even wipe myself how normal women are taught to wipe. From behind, to towards the back… No thanks, I don’t have monkey arms. I wipe the back going back and the front going front.
So maybe I’m doing it the right way and y’all are just daft on the wiping process. Ha! 😀
I’m the only person I’ve ever heard of that’s never gotten a yeast infection in my life. Especially from seeing women post online. So far, I’m the only one who hasn’t had a yeast infection. EVER. And, I’m the only person online who hasn’t posted at least one question pertaining as to, “How to cure a yeast infection naturally.” However, I can give you tons of tips and pointers to getting rid of one! So if I ever do get a yeast infection, I’ll know exactly how to handle it. HAHAHA!

If you haven’t noticed. I like to babble when I run out of “on topic” things to talk about.

But only in typing. In person I’m that person that talkative people come to so they can never shut up because I just sit there and nod my head while they yammer on about who-knows-what. Like my wonderful neighbor. Don’t go to her house if you ever want to leave before at least 10 o’clock PM. For some reason I seem to be the kind of person people like to tell about all of their romances, kids troubles, health problems, etc, etc. BUT of course they don’t want to hear any of the advice I have on the subjects. They just want someone to “talk to”, and “let it out”.
Anything I say goes in one side and out the other side:



I’m even thinking of a fruitarian diet. My son basically eats fruitarian naturally, if he would stop sneaking into my junk food hideouts… LOL. As always O is the big sell I would have to make. However, he eats whatever I put in front of him, or he doesn’t eat at all, so I’m ure it would go fine with him.
Basically, it’s raw vegan, but you eat more fruits than anything else. Which is kind of how I’ve been throughout this pregnancy anyways, the first 6 months or so I was pretty fruitarian. I thought I was more “vegan”, but… Yeah I’ll take fruit over veggies anytime. There’s only so much salad a person can eat. I’m not really creative.
I would love to find the fruitarian cookbook Hygeia Halfmoon and her friend co-authored together years ago. Maybe that would give me more ideas of what to eat so as to not become bored.
It’s like I told a friend today, “I’m one of those people who needs to make/eat something different everyday or I stop making things at home.” (paraphrasing what I said, so it makes more sense regarding uncooked foods.)
I don’t think I would give up cooked foods completely, but I’ve already cut our meat eating down about 75% from what it use to be… Minus last night’s chicken strips as a meal. I had 2lbs of chicken and no vegetables to be found in the house, because we ate them all. (Which is why we’re going to the grocery store tonight.) We’re running low on fruit too since I’ve been juicing more, and making smoothies.. Especially after reading the food chapter in Primal Mothering by Hygeia Halfmoon, it’s hard to get through that chapter without having a total juicing/smoothie/fruit binge craving, HAHA! It was about 8am, so it made a perfect excuse for making noise enough to wake up S. My family loves when I juice!
And Hubby would love if I started really juicing again.
Come to think of it, I would love it too.
(He’s taking a nap right now and snoooorinnng. 3 days of juicing at least once/day gets rid of his snoring completely!!!)
He has really terrible allergies and messed up sinuses. Juicing seems to help him breathe a lot better. At least at night when I notice it the most because of his snoring…To the point where I want to get a pillow and snuff him out…. Heh… 😉 


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