Week 31

9 more weeks left. It seems like an eternity, and at the same time, hey I’ve finally gotten through 31 weeks of waiting and only have 9 more left!!

The longer it goes on the more terrible of a wife and mom I am. I’m so tired and sick feeling. Stressed for no reason. Half-depressed (probably from sleeping or lack-of). No honey, I don’t want to cook you dinner. I’m sorry baby I can’t play with you I don’t feel like even pretending right now, please leave me alone and wait for daddy to get home.
Instead of getting a period now, my lips chap to the point where I can’t open my mouth. Which makes me even more miserable to the point where I don’t even want to sit outside and let my son play in the sprinkler.

If you haven’t noticed, this week has been sucking.

I got all of the laundry done except for a box of blankets… and I think some jeans and towels. I hung some family pictures in the livingroom. I tried to empty one of the boxes that go into the bathroom. (Seriously, I think bathroom stuff and DVDs are the majority of what we’ve had to pack and move…besides clothes that have been boxed and dirty for a year.) I set up my pool so S could play in it, but then a cat apparently came into the yard and popped it. So much for my birth pool.
Although I did find out that my butt fits into this bathtub! So that was pretty cool to discover. It’s a little shallow, but at least I can fit my a$$ in it! (That’s no short feat in its own you know!)

I’ve been TRYING to take naps for the past couple of days. It doesn’t work so well when you have a 4-year-old.
I wouldn’t have to take naps if I could sleep like I normally do instead of getting up around 8 every morning. Or whenever O leaves for work, normally about 6.30a or 7a. Because he has this cute and annoying way of waking me up when he says goodbye before leaving for work. I know that I have been slacking on my wifely breakfast-making duties for the past two years, and I really try to talk myself into getting up when I wake up around 6 to go pee. Come on, let’s face it, not going to happen until the baby comes. Hubby is just WAITING so hard for that time to come. He can sleep through anything. When S was born, he became my alarm clock to get up and make the husband breakfast every morning because I couldn’t sleep anymore, and you know there’s nothing on TV early in the morning… That is probably a scheme in of itself to make the housewives cook breakfasts for their significant others…

Anyways, Week 32 starts tomorrow. The second week of my 8th month of pregnancy.

We have 10 days left, technically 9 I guess, to have the old apartment cleaned out and turn the keys in. It’s going to be hard since I can’t stand the smell of cleaning supplies, the fumes just make me sick… I don’t think I’m supposed to be around them anyways, but I have to get it done, and we all know that O isn’t the cleaning type of husband. I think I’ll call my mom and see when her days off are so she can come down and help me out.

I hope next month is better, I’m tired of being sick and tired. Even though that’s super cliché.



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