DIAPERS!.. and Random Chit-Chat


Since I’m in-between weeks for my pregnancy updates I thought I would write a random post about my baby-obsession: CLOTH DIAPERS!

Here’s the total diaper breakdown of my stash (which is completely finished because we’re broke and hubby won’t let me buy anything else for the baby).

12 Small Dappi Fitted Pinless diapers
24 prefolds (one size, so they are in the toddler breakdown as well)
14 Flour Sack Towels – use as flats (also work from birth to potty training)
3 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps
2 Bumkins Covers
1 Bummis Super Lite Cover
1 Rumparooz Lil’ Joeys Cover
1 Lil’ Joeys All-In-One
1 Thirsties Fab Fitted
1 Grovia AIO
1 BumGenius AIO

6 Kawaii Happy Leak-Free Diaper One-Size Covers
1 Motherease “small” Cover
24 prefolds (same as above)
12 Medium Dappi Pinless Fitted Diapers
14 Flour Sack Towels
3 Bumkins One-Size AIOs

Altogether it comes to about 40-50 changes per size period.
69 diapers in total (not counting covers) for birth through potty training.
Enough to wash every other day. Possible every three days, but we’ll figure that out later on I guess since all babies pee differently!

I guess since I’m not allowed to buy anymore baby stuff, it’s just kind of fun to talk about what I have. I don’t really have any friends that are “crunchy,” so this is basically my only outlet to talk about things pregnancy, birth, and baby related. My neighbor is due next month with her 3rd little girl and came over one night when I was prepping diapers. “Oh yeah, you’re doing those reusable diapers aren’t you?” Is all she said, HAHA. So I kind of avoid talking about baby things with her, and she’s my only pregnant friend… And my only friend who doesn’t live almost 3 hours away or more. We definitely have different parenting ideas… She might be covered in tattoos and all “hipster”, but I’m definitely the natural hippy person even though I look uber conservative in comparison.

So here I am. Writing on this blog because in real life I’m all alone and no-one nearby understands me. HA! Now you see why I was so looking forward to moving out of the city, if we would have gotten to move where I wanted then I would only be about 1.5hrs from my closest best friend, instead of 3 – which would have made it a lot easier to visit. Then I could talk about being pregnant, and about my upcoming birth. I could talk to my FRIEND about anything and know I’m not going to be judged about my hippy parenting choices.  I hate the city. I hate disposable diapers.


I had to break down and go to DES (that’s how broke we are now) and all those poor little babies in their disposable diapers, getting all those horrendous deadly vaccinations, I’m sure they go to WIC and allow their babies to be poked and prodded and weighed, then fed GMO formulas and fat free milk…
It makes me almost physically sick. I feel really bad for the kids. Bottles full of kool-aid, soda, or fake juice made of high fructose corn syrup.. And the state is the one paying for all of this, like they’re asking for childhood obesity! You would think they WOULDN’T want to make kids fat and sick, especially since those kids are seeing doctors on the state’s bill with the medicaid they’re getting. Maybe it’s just to use them as guinea pigs?
Anyways, I feel sorry for the kids.
It’s not like my son has never had products with corn syrup. I mean come on, his grandparents on one side are Mexican, he’s always getting crap that I don’t allow him to have. However, I would never start it IN THE BOTTLE, FROM BEFORE THE KID COULD EVEN WALK! That’s just ridiculous and… In all honesty, I see it as a form of child abuse. I think I’ve mentioned before my obsession with teeth… haha, yeah it makes me cringe to imagine what all these kids’ mouths are going to look like once their teeth start coming in. You should see my BIL’s kids, and then he blames it on their mother who isn’t even in their lives!

Sigh. I wish people would at least think of their children before poisoning them.
I wish my mom knew better, but of course, back then, you did whatever was the “norm”. You had faith that companies we’re run by good people and that regulations would keep us all safe. Of course, I never had a bottle of juice or koolaid. All my bad habits were allowed to star after I was 7 and already a know-it-all with issues with my mom. So I guess in trying to make me happy and try to get me to like her more, she let me destroy myself with junk food, and my dad always kept a full stock of Coke in the fridge, but with him we ate more home-cooked meals, while my mom was normally at work for most of the day I ate a lot of Michaelina’s TV dinners… and Hot Cheetos… Totinos Pizza…. Easy quick junk fixes for while she was at work, and then we’d have real food whenever she would get home or have days off. I didn’t get to 290lbs on my own you know, I didn’t have money to control what food was bought. It’s on the parents when their kids get fat. I won’t allow it to happen to my kids. No obesity, no “weight related health problems”. Ok, as a fat healthy person, I know that sometimes most of the time, doctors are full of shit, and they just want to medicate you and take your money for whatever reason. “Lets use ‘fat’ as an excuse to wipe these people clean.” It’s true, but when you look healthy, not just “are” healthy, it makes such a big difference as well in your mental health. And I personally think mental health is a lot more important that bodily health half the time. Most of the time, poor mental health is a helper to aid in causing poor physical health anyways. I know after my dad got his girlfriend (that screwed him over in the end..like everything else I was always right 😉 ) I was depressed and angry. My mom will tell you that I came home from my dad’s one summer and she didn’t even recognise me because I was so heavy. Anyways, I’m not really an emotional eater, but the hormones going crazy, and chemicals in the brain, yes it adds to making you fat. Pair that with the junkfood that wasn’t considered “junk” at the time.

At least kids’ parents nowadays have no excuse for feeding their kids CRAP. Just by having access to the internet or a TV, you are not allowed to be ignorant to things that are bad to put into your body. You have no excuse to teach your kids that it’s OK to kill themselves through whatever they consume.

Except for weed, because apparently it’s ok to get stoned out of your mind now.

NO, I will never support drug use of any kind. Normal teenage experimentation, MAYBE, but recreational use past like 15 years old, or pretending it’s a legitimate “medicinal drug” YOU’RE A FUCKING MORON. endofstory.


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