Week 30

Dun dun dunnnnn. 🙂

10 more weeks left. 2 and 1/2 months…more like 2 months and a week, but who’s counting, right?
As the temperature rises, I’m starting to realise more and more how crappy the next two months are really going to be. I live in Arizona, it’s HOT in Arizona. Not that “heat” that Californian’s get. Real, “I’M FREAKING DYING HERE!” Hot, burning, fry an egg, see mirages kind of HOT. California is a freaking vacation with their nice cold weather.
Actually, we went to LA last year on 4th of July and needed coats once the sun went down. OMG Los Angeles is so disgusting! I hope I never have to go there again. San Diego, on the other hand, is my new favorite vacation spot (we went there last June).

So anyway, by July it should be getting closer to 110°F+, I’m going to be about to pop…. It’s going to suck. Ha! To say the least. For my dad’s birthday in July I was hoping to get together with my parents and go to the river or something, up where the river is, it will definitely be closer to 125°F. At least there’s the water? Haha.  I really wanted to rent a seadoo or something, but I guess being pregnant, that wouldn’t be such a smart idea.

Back to week 30. I’ve felt sick and had migraines all week. At least for the past four days with the migraines. It happens once in a while, but my Tylenol and baby aspirin is at the other house, so I’ve just been suffering through it. While being a bitchy pest to my poor hubby of course. The poor dear, I’ve pretty much been man’s worst nightmare for the past 4 days. Since our 5 year anniversary on Friday. He went out and literally spent the last of our money on a cake, flowers for my garden, and Time’s new edition – a book about The Rat Pack.
So the whole money issue has had me pretty damn steamed. Especially since I’m hungry and have nothing to cook with. We moved all my cookware to the new house, not like I feel like cooking anyways. And I have bills due this week that we obviously need money for. I had to suck it up and ask my mom for a loan. If you’ve ever borrowed money from my mom, you know that she’ll hound you every day until she’s paid back. Normally, for this reason, we ask O’s parents when we need help, since my dad is currently money-poor. O’s dad will normally bitch and say ‘no’ that he doesn’t have any money (total lie by the way – he makes over $1000/day when he’s working), my mother in law will give us money no questions. But since she’s been sick and having surgeries lately, it’s kind of out of the question to ask her, since she can’t work anymore.  This all leaves my mom as the last person to ask, which sucks. I hate having money issues.
On the other hand, it’s woken me to the fact that I need to take control of the finances again and keep all the money in my course so it doesn’t get spent. We used to do this, but at one point I had decided I didn’t want to stay with O and let him be in charge of his money again. We’ve been doing pretty poorly ever since. I hate being the only grown up, but I guess men can’t help being giant babies.

Still a lot of movement, contractions/cramps here and there, not every day or consistent like I see on my birth board with some women.

I’m starting to get excited, only to come to my senses and realise I still have months left of waiting. 10 FRIGGEN WEEKS!
Yeah, this is going to be a long wait. At least people who see doctors get to have appointments every two weeks to make the time go by faster. I suppose it would even go by faster if I just had friends and ways to spend my time other than worrying about cleaning this house and getting finished moving into the other place.
I wish mother in law wasn’t old and crippled right now just so she could clean this place. That’s what she does after all. Mexican cleaning lady. What a cliché. At least she co-owns her own business. At least she’s a born american and speaks English HAHA.

My stomach looks so deformed right now with the baby moving around. I think she’s head down, but she probably moves around a lot since she still has about 5 more weeks before she has to pick a position. It actually hurts a lot when she gets into certain places. She must be boney and tall like her daddy and brother. She seems to like sticking her butt in the air already like S did when he was little.

Anyways, not much else to write about. Week 31 starts tomorrow!


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