Week 29

The looong week…

Well, of course we’re still moving.. Or in the process of moving, so we have a lot of crap to get over to our new house and then I get to clean this one (the old one). Well we only really have the bedroom and the kitchen to get emptied out and cleaned, the living room and closet, along with the bathroom are already about finished.

So that’s really what I was doing with my week 29. (Honestly, hubby has been doing most of the moving, I pack boxes and then when we get to the other place I decorate, hang things up, and empty boxes to use again.)

I have been feeling a ton of movement, so I’m guessing it’s getting cramped in there. The baby’s butt tends to stick out around my bellybutton a lot of the time so I’m guessing she’s to the point where she needs to be head down for the most part. Its not like she’s going to be very big, I was only 6lbs4oz, and my son was 6lbs13oz. I’m guessing this one will be about the same as I was. And all I can hope is that my newborn diapers are small enough, haha!

I started prepping my prefold diapers a couple nights ago. Then I had to redo them again because the people before us had one of those damn dryer bars stuck in the dryer. ANNOYING MUCH!? I have such an awesome hubby though, I was having a breakdown about the damn thing because I don’t want my diapers to repel, and he got in there and tried his hardest to get that stupid thing unstuck and get the sticky crap off the dryer barrel.  Anyways, I was in total angry breakdown mode lo,, I thought I was done with those damn things! I was getting ready to put in a load of clothes (we have tons of dirty clothes in boxes from like a year ago at our old place that have been in their boxes in storage, that I need to go through, throw away, and wash), so of course why not throw a curve ball to make me rewash the same load of diapers AGAIN. At least they’ll be well-prepped and super absorbent by the time I need to use them in two months.

In one of those old boxes from a year ago I found my pre-pregnancy pants (from the first time around) that I had just gotten back into about a year ago, then got fat again, now I’m pregnant, I feel like I’ll never get back into them…. Anyways, almost had another breakdown! Mostly because they were my favorite pants and  love them.

In other news, if you give kids no choice but to eat healthy, that’s what they’ll do. My son brought me a bottle of whipped cream for breakfast, of course I said no. Then he wanted a juice. I said no. So he went and got an apple.

I’m scared of having a girl. Especially after being around my neighbor’s girls, and watching them for like ten minutes while she went to the store for ice. After two minutes of her being gone the older one is freaking out about needing her mom. Eventually she tells us she tried to fart and pooped in her pants.


I’m not about to change someone else’s 5 year old. And how does this kid not know how to sit on the toilet when she obviously needs to go poop? So I’m having a panic attack, because obviously I’ve never had this issue with my son. We call her mom to hopefully get her to hurry. Well, later on, she did it again! I’m thinking, “Oh my God, what is wrong with this kid!”

I hope its not a girl thing. Because compared to my son, most girls I’ve seen are completely daft. Hopefully its just a poor parenting thing and I won’t have to deal with weird stuff like poop accidents. How does accidental poop happen? I don’t know, but it’s got me running scared of having a girl. Its bad enough I don’t know anything about vaginas or changing a girl diaper. The last time I even wiped a girl was 10 years ago, and she was already potty trained! No poop accidents there! It must be a poor parenting thing, lazy parenting. The fact that the younger one is always wiping snot across her face making a rash also has me cringing…

I honestly don’t know what to do with girls. Do you treat them differently? Are they whinier naturally? Why do they cry when they fall down or bump something? Are they all big babies like that? I don’t think I can handle a whiney little girl… I’m used to my tough little boy who’s always trying to get a bigger boo boo than the last one. Who won’t let me kiss his boo boos anymore. Is this how I raised him? Or are boys and girls different? I’m scared to find out that girls are born to be little crybaby girly girls. The kind that start the waterworks if they get poked in the arm… I can’t handle the crying. I don’t have patience for blubbering over little things. I’m more of a ‘walk it off’ kind of person.



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