Week 28

Well, week 28 was a lot more active than the previous week. We did a good amount of packing and moving stuff to the new house, working on the yard, cleaning the old place… by “we” I really mean “I” of course. HA. I at least do everything except for the actual “moving” things part. I am pretty much on my own to pack and clean, and then the dear hubby puts it in the car and takes it out of the car at the new place… Needless to say, the new place looks like a tornado dumped a bunch of boxes in the living room.

We still have a good amount of things to move. If I stop being lazy we really could get almost everything out of here tomorrow, since it’s O’s last day off for the week tomorrow. We have some stuff in the closet, and a bunch of clean clothes that are just sitting around on the floor because SOMEONE doesn’t put his crap away, and then SOMEONE ELSE (baby) decides everything goes on the floor. Of course, my giant ass doesn’t feel like picking any of it up! So, that’s pretty much where we are moving-wise. We could pack the closet, clothes, kitchen tomorrow, and the TV/TV stand and be done until it’s time to move the big furniture in a couple of weeks. We’re going to be living over in the new place… or at least sleeping over there, without electricity for a few days because I need to get this place cleaned before the power gets switched over in the middle of May. (I don’t feel like saying “this month” yet, because for me it’s still technically April 30th until I go to sleep and wake up tomorrow HAHA!)

However, for being so damn TIRED constantly, I’ve been a lot more active. I almost want to say I finally got over the “having no energy” part of pregnancy, but that would really be a lie because I’m hecka tired ALL THE TIME.

Today I worked on my yard (the grass finally started coming up a few days ago!), hug up “curtains” in the living room and bedrooms, hung a spice rack over my stove for easy reach while cooking. We went to the thrift store last night and today, I bought a TV stand for S’ room, a little corner shelf that I’m going to put it in the corner behind the couch where I plan to have S’ little toy box so he doesn’t have to go to his room all the time to play, he can have a little play area downstairs. I also bought a little heart-shaped basket that I hung in the bathroom that can be sort of a decorative shelf/candle holder, fabric to use as curtains (designs I thought were fun), and picture frames (can’t beat 50 cents a piece!) and a big canvas print of a grayscale flower that I hung in my room.

Yesterday I hung a bunch of pictures around the living room, finally got those Chinese character prints my mom bought me hung up somewhere! (I got them for Christmas and they’ve been sitting in a box ever since.) The walls still look bare though, I don’t know what I can really do about that. I’m really not much of a decorator. I try really hard, but we have such an eclectic mixed-up style from retro-modern-hippy, that we kind of just have a hodge-podge of stuff that doesn’t really go together, but we like it all. Haha. Like our 70s couch and our comic art pictures on the walls. We have modern black shelving in the living room; traditional oak and pine dressers in the bedroom and elsewhere. It’s really mixed up, but I guess it really does represent us well.

My computer is about to die so I better end this week’s entry. Update as usual once week 29 is over!

oh I will update tomorrow about the coversation I had with my neighbor tonight regarding my birthing decision. and how uninformed the public really is about birthing choices in america!!! let alone in arizona!


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