Note To Birth Fear-Mongers

Public Service Announcement:

Meaning, Homebirth in of itself is NOT ILLEGAL!

Homebirth with a midwife however, is only legal in about 20 of the 50 states, and there are tons of problems with licensure issues. Personally I don’t think real MIDwives should be “licensed”. Licensure leads to fear of imprisonment and malpractice lawsuits, which leads to MEDwives instead of MIDwives. Birthing at home ALONE is simply SAFER than entrusting someone, some stranger, with “birthing” your babies. If you’re afraid of hospital births, you should be equally afraid of birth by a MEDwife.

Real MIDwives, I’ve heard, are super awesome and just sit in on your birth like a doula. Providing love and support if you need it, and leaving you alone if you don’t. Leaving your body to its own natural devices, the body’s natural JOB of birthing a baby. LIKE WOMEN HAVE DONE SINCE WE WERE NEANDERTHALS!

Like a friend of mine recently told her cousin, after being told how strong she is for having homebirths:

A hospital birth would be scary to me. I want to walk around, get in and out of the pool, eat if I’m hungry, drink when I’m thirsty,  push when my body tells me to push, no needles, no episiotomies, no IVs, no monitors, etc…Women have been birthing babies for 6000 years and they do it because God created our body to know what to do. Trusting that is what we should do, not fearing it. God didnt create a perfect way to bring a sperm and egg together to form a perfect human being..grow that into mu…ltiple incredible systems and functions (eyes, lungs, blood, brain, digestive, etc..) and it never needs any doctors to tell the eye how to form and where to form, no doctors to train the lymphatic system how to create babies immune system,  etc…and we trust that. BUT, when it comes for that perfectly formed person to find its way out into the world and know how to do that..somehow we loose all trust and think..God forgot how to get it out. It needs help to get out (sarcasm). Our body doesn’t know what to do.  I have had two hospital births and 3 homebirths and 1 late miscarriage at home where I held my perfectly formed tiny baby in my own hands (instead of having her torn apart and sucked out via D&C like the doctors wanted me to). My body was built for this. Made for this. My homebirths were by FAR way more incredible. To me, going to a place where sick people go to bring life into the world (something that is natural) and listening to other people tell me what to do instead of listening to my body IS way more scarier. Obviously I’m just passionate about bringing life into the world and it seems unfair that TV and media place so much fear around something that is normal and natural. I really hope that one day when the time comes and you are welcoming your first baby into the world that you would consider and research a home birth. That would be my biggest hope for you – an amazing and empowering experience that would permanently affect how you know yourself and see your body.

USA by itself has one of the highest maternal death rates in the WORLD. We’re supposed to be a “first world country,” you think it’s normal to be one of 23 countries where the maternal mortality rate is actually rising? I think not.

Our dependence on a healthcare system that only cares about government issues and money is literally killing us as MOTHERS.

Our need for “freedom” has not only ruined the family dynamic and caused kids to basically raise themselves or be raised by strangers, has also caused millions of mothers to think it’s OK to “evict” their child from their womb before they’re ready. Resulting in more pitocin inductions and therefore more caesarean sections. C-sections are not a way out of being pregnant early people!!! Getting a caesarean is a MAJOR surgery. Of course, many doctors get a bonus for when their patient opts for surgery over natural birth, after all, it gets the hospital more money! As if doctors don’t get enough money already, I took my son in for womping his head on the concrete right? They sent us home within ten minutes and I got two separate $600 bills, one from the hospital itself, and a separate bill from the doctor himself. Keep in mind the doctor only looked at my son long enough to tell us to go home and come back if anything happened later (vomiting, too much sleeping, etc).  FUCK YOU MY FRIEND.

NO I will never trust those “people”, if you can call them that.

With my son’s birth I was told that months on end of bleeding was completely NORMAL. Only to find out that most women who birth at home or birth unassisted bleed for about 6 weeks tops! Some only bleed for about 9 days!
My placenta was  stolen and thrown away, my cord was cut too fast, I had to put up with bitchy nurses (I think I’ve been over this in previous posts, but I might have made them “private” because I felt my words would piss too many people off). The only time I finally felt safe was when my doctor finally showed up. You know what, she popped her head in, saw that I was “only” 7cm and left again, only returning barely in time to “catch” my son when I pushed him out ten minutes later – AT SEVEN CENTIMETERS! Then I was poked and prodded and they let in a bunch of people I didn’t want around (in-laws – might as well have ben a circus company).

You have no choice when you give up your rights as a human being to have other people do your work for you, because you’re too ignorant and scared to make good decisions for yourself.

How many people say they “hate” hospitals? How many women leave within the first 24 hours because they don’t want to be in the hospital?


Oh my God, BE CAREFUL! Homebirth is illegal isn’t it? My friend had CPS called for neglect after she stayed home to have her baby. They said it was neglect.

This is why you have to do your homework.
I live in Arizona. In 2002, one-third of births here were unassisted!!! I can only imagine that it’s gotten higher in recent years, especially lately with the changes in insurance laws and medicaid laws changing. I’ll say it again just so maybe some of you nay-sayers get it through your head


Homebirth with a midwife, however, IS illegal in at least 20 of the 50 states. And recently it’s been extra scary for well-meaning midwives what with a couple of pretty well-known midwives in jail, and one in particular facing a murder charge. I’m sure you remember “Rowan” Bailey (her real name is Tina, by the way). Well she was an UNLICENSED midwife in South Carolina. If you know anything about homebirth, the Carolinas are a pretty jacked up place to want to give birth anyways, it’s pretty much go unassisted and have a baby under the radar, or go to a hospital. Anyways, in Bailey’s case, the baby was stillborn and had apparently aspirated meconium (black baby poo – baby’s first poo).

Have we forgotten so much about natural birthing that we have forgotten that some babies die? Babies die every day, in every part of pregnancy and birth, even if see an army of doctors. You can get cut open and baby can be born prematurely, but the chances are still about half that it will die anyways. Or you will. And how is that good for the baby either? To not have a mother?

So anyways, Bailey’s case has pretty much just made it harder for licensing and midwives, but also for instilling fear into lay midwives (the only kind I would ever think of allowing to attend my birth). Leaving people who are afraid of birthing unassisted to have terrible hospital birth experiences because those are their only two options.

Unassisted birth is not right for everybody.
But it is the right decision for me personally, and thousands of other moms who believe that our bodies were made to birth babies, and nothing is going to reverse our current evolution, except for going backwards in thought regarding what is natural or not.
For me it just makes sense to have a  baby at home alone. It’s the natural order. 100 years ago my unassisted friends and I would be the normal ones, and fear-mongering doctor-obsessed nutjobs would be the real weirdos.
Hell, nowadays people think it’s normal to have the father in the birthing room, but as little as 50 years ago it was unheard of!

I advise all women to educate themselves on not only the birthing process, but on their rights as human beings.

It is our human right to birth our children, no matter how we get it done, or who is there with us, or even who ISN’T there with us.


One thought on “Note To Birth Fear-Mongers

  1. Hey, kudos on this post. I feel your passion! lol. But seriously. People just don’t get it. We are built for this and I’m SO glad that I was able to have my first child in this fashion; I have always had a linger feeling that I would have been forced into a C section for who knows what reason had I been in a hospital. But instead it was literally a labor of love. Filled with peace, comfort, and loving individuals supporting me. It was actually mostly my mom, my husband was there but kinda useless as he was scared out of his wits lol.And I very much agree that we have to accept, as birthing mothers, that babies do die. It’s nobody’s fault. Death is the course of nature, We cannot forget that. So keep plugging along! I like your weekly posts. =) keep up the great work!

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