43 Days Left!

Alright, so now that tomorrow is June, I’m starting to get excited! And impatient. A little ‘blahhhhh this will never end!’ But overall, I’m kind of just anxious to get this show on the road and see if I can survive life with two little monsters, instead of one little Gremlin. (Cute little thing that … Continue reading

Week 32

(5/26/2013) I’m currently in Week 32. And getting bored between blog posts. So, I’m starting this one DURING the week, instead of at the beginning of the next week, like I normally do! Baby moves around, A LOT. Which is definitely GOOD. But she’s getting really big, so it’s really uncomfortable, and sometimes painful. Especially … Continue reading

This is why.

So scary, heartwrenching, and overall: Such a strong mommy, fighting for her baby!!! My heart goes out to her, and I am also very fortunate that my son hasn’t developed autism from my young naive stupidity and trusting the “medical professionals”. HUGS MOMMA! Thank you so much for being brave enough to share your story! Continue reading

Week 31

9 more weeks left. It seems like an eternity, and at the same time, hey I’ve finally gotten through 31 weeks of waiting and only have 9 more left!! The longer it goes on the more terrible of a wife and mom I am. I’m so tired and sick feeling. Stressed for no reason. Half-depressed … Continue reading

DIAPERS!.. and Random Chit-Chat

DIAPER BRAGGING! Since I’m in-between weeks for my pregnancy updates I thought I would write a random post about my baby-obsession: CLOTH DIAPERS! Here’s the total diaper breakdown of my stash (which is completely finished because we’re broke and hubby won’t let me buy anything else for the baby). NEWBORN: 12 Small Dappi Fitted Pinless diapers … Continue reading

Week 30

Dun dun dunnnnn. 🙂 10 more weeks left. 2 and 1/2 months…more like 2 months and a week, but who’s counting, right? As the temperature rises, I’m starting to realise more and more how crappy the next two months are really going to be. I live in Arizona, it’s HOT in Arizona. Not that “heat” … Continue reading