Week 27

Week 27.

Well we went to the new house just about everyday, since we have the yard started and I have the beginning of a garden planted, so we have to keep it watered. I’ve been having sickness here and there, and just feeling like crap half the time, usually in the morning I feel awesome, but once I go outside I just feel terrible. I think it’s because of the heat. Yesterday my car said it was 96F. It’s only April! I can’t imagine how hot it’s going to be in a few weeks. I hope our grass grows, then I can set up the pool in the yard and just chill there.

I need to get moving on packing stuff up and taking it to the new place, because I want to have this place ready to clean before the middle of next month, when our electricity gets switched over. I’m just not really motivated. Ok, in the morning I’m ready to take on the world! By about 12 noon, I’m ready to go to sleep. HAHA. Like an old person. There’s so much crap we need to get moved. (OK, there’s so much of my HUSBAND’S crap to be moved!!) Honestly, I think that’s half of it, I don’t want to pack up his crap for him. Afterall, he’s the one who won’t throw away half of this shit. PACK RAT!!! I should crack a few more Hoarder jokes when he gets home. I’ve never met anyone with so much STUFF, maybe my mom, but at least she attempted to sell it at yard sales, she just can’t throw it away from some reason Ha. I’m glad having too much stuff makes me claustrophobic half the time. I just get tired of having to walk over shit on my floor (which is why I have like no clothes and we take a ton of stuff to Goodwill every few months.  – Just stuff I pick up off the floor randomly and stick in a bag.) I especially go on a Goodwill donation kick when my son leaves his toys everywhere. If you don’t want stuff donated in my house, don’t let it touch the floor long enough for me to step around/on it!!! Old T-shirts will get turned into rags/diapers!!!The only thing I can’t part with is books. Even if I haven’t read them in a ages, I can’t part with them, you can always re-use books, and eventually you’ll forget the story enough to reread the book.

Well besides feeling sick here and there, I’ve felt pretty good.

Now I’m into the first day of my THIRD TRIMESTER!!! I only have to wait another….. FOREVER (3 months) for this baby to make its appearance in our lives.


Oh, I bought my birth kit, so that should be here next week and I’ll be ready for everything!!!
Which is kind of boring when you’re in nesting mode 24-7.
Bah at being over-prepared.


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