Week 26

So we went camping at a campground in Tombstone, AZ for S’ birthday. He got to watch the gunfight show, eat ice cream, see cowboys, run around on the wooden sidewalks, take a picture with the Earps and Holiday, shoot a cap gun (that has since been taken away because he gets a little obsessed -_- ), cook dinner on a fire, and go camping. He really wanted to go fishing too, but I had to remind him, fishing was at the other place mommy wanted to go camping (by Flagstaff), the place that daddy picked doesn’t have water.

So that was the end of my week 26.

(Honestly I’m to the point again where I have to look at my little ticker thing to remember what week it is!!)

Nothing much happened, I don’t get pains AS much from sitting in the car too long or whatever. Once in a while I’ll get the sick feeling if I walk for a long time, or go shopping. Other than that, lots of movement, and alright energy. I think I’m bouncing back into that nesting stage, but it could just be because we got the keys for our new place and I’m excited to get the garden going!
Yesterday was hubby’s day off that he took extra for S’ birthday, and we dug up the backyard and added some mulch/compost and garden soil. And I threw some grass seed out there just to see if it would grow, heh. We need to buy a lot more soil and compost to get the yard growable I think.  We bought 7-8 ftcu but it’s like nothing, apparently the yard is bigger than I thought. Or the good stuff just gets lost in the yucky Arizona dirt crap.

I finished my newborn diaper stash, so my entire diaper stash is complete. When we get into the new place I’ll be able to set everything up and get all the diapers prepped and ready to go! Of course, I don’t think we’ll set anything up until like a week before the baby is supposed to be coming, just in case any unwanted (in-law) guests arrive.

Ooh ooh, I sort of made a friend yesterday! (I know it’s funny this would excite me, but I’ve been living down here forever -all my friends live 2.5hrs away where I grew up, and all my city friends disappeared when I had my son). She lives in one of the townhomes across the parking lot and has two daughters and one more due in June!! How cool, I get to know someone who is due around the same time as me, AND understands all the crap I go through with the Booger boy!!
It might seem stupid to some people, but sometimes, even for someone like me, being alone ALL the time gets really old!! Especially when you have to take care of an evil tornado from hell! Ha.


Ok I’m done rambling for the week, maybe next week will be more exciting. If you haven’t noticed, a lot of the time there’s nothing really to write about because nothing new ever happens in my life! Haha, my life is pretty routine most of the time. Clean, cook, make sure S doesn’t kill himself. Rinse Repeat. Etc… 🙂

So far week 27 is looking pretty good, since I finally get to move stuff out of this place!!


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