Happy Birthday BooBoo!

Wearing Bubba the Bear

Wearing Bubba the Bear

Four years ago, right now, I was sitting at the birth center waiting to be admitted to triage. Who knew that in 3 hrs and 10+ some odd minutes I would have my son in my arms. 20 years, 4 months, 9 days and 8 minutes after I was born. My big boy 4 year old now! Who is my best friend, gives me hugs when I am sad, and takes care of me when I am sick. I can’t remember life without him, and I will be completely lost when he grows up and gets his own life, LOL. He is my life.

I love you S.T. Happy 4th Birthday!

Being a parent is the hardest thing in the world and I admit that I’m probably screwing up most of the time. I feel guilty for taking away his life of being an only child, even though it was his choice to be a big brother. I would never just “OH YEAH YOU’RE GOING TO BE A BIG BROTHER!” I ASKED my son if he wanted a sibling, and then proceeded to make that happen. If he would had said, “No.” This blog wouldn’t be in existence. I believe that children are people and if their lives are going to be affected in some way, they should have a say in it!

So, he wanted to be a big brother, and I – as an only – feel guilty for taking his onliness away. (Yes a new word, own-lee-ness 🙂  )  I guess it’s OK, when I was about 11 I started asking my mom to adopt a brother or sister, so at least he won’t have to wait and be turned down, ha.

I’ve already showed you in a previous post what I got him for his birthday presents, he’ll open them this morning, along with cake and ice cream for breakfast. 🙂  Later on we’re heading down to Old Tucson (film set/theme park where the movie OK Corral was filmed) and Tombstone Arizona (where the actual gunfight at OK Corral happened and they put on a show to recreate it). And we’re going to sleep in a tent in an rv park and daddy’s supposed to be juice fasting to see if I can fix his sinuses a little by detoxing him. Heh 🙂

So hopefully all will go well and we’ll have a good few days away from the city.

I still have to run to the grocery store and get a couple more presents for S, and a giant balloon (that he’s been wanting for months), then we’ll get this show on the road!

I don’t remember not being a mom. It’s my life and I’m very appreciative for being given the chance to bring someone into the the world so amazing as my son. He might be a handful and drive me nuts, I might be too strict and mean sometimes… But we’re learning and growing together and that’s the really cool thing about being a mom for me. He teaches me something new everyday, even if it’s just to be a better person.


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