Week 25

More movement this week. It’s kind of nice to not be paranoid.
I’m sure O has been getting sick of me freaking out when the baby isn’t moving all the time, haha.

I found a newborn swim diaper after forever trying to find one, it’s an iPlay but in NB size! Unlike those at the store that the smallest is 6 months. Sorry, I live in Arizona, newborns go swimming here.

This is the iPlay swim dipe I got LO for this summer when she gets here!!
Only $9.41 after shipping!

We’re still waiting on news about the new townhouse. I’m guessing everything is good, but now the management company is having issues because they’re idiots and don’t know how to run a credit card number to get payment. They withdrew the money 3 times, put it back 2 times, and it looks like the last time got refunded as well. I’m starting to doubt the ability of these people, not to mention they haven’t been able to get a hold of two of our prior apartment offices. I’m starting to think they’re just incompetent.

S’s birthday stuff should get here today, if my mailman decides to come today…. We checked the mail earlier but nothing yet! I love USPS, honestly it’s the only way I really like shipping/receiving stuff because they’re 100x faster than UPS and you don’t have to be home to get your mail most of the time. BUT MY MAILMAN HERE SUCKS!!! In my lifetime memory of having gotten the mail, I’ve never heard of it coming after 10-11am!!! Here, you’re lucky if you get the mail before 3pm! Speaking of, it’s almost 4, so something better be there by now!!!
I bought my dear, loving, evil, poopyhead, meanie son a few things from my favorite website SweetBottoms Baby Boutique.

SkipHop Zoo Lunchies Lunch Bag
$14 (I almost bought it for $17 at another online baby store!)

Planet Wise Sandwich Bag $7.99/ea
(Or B1G1 FREE)
I got Blue and Red Dino to stay with S’ dino theme he’s into right now


Baltic Amber Teething Necklace - Golden Nugget color$18.50-$20 (depending on size)

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace – Golden Nugget color
$18.50-$20 (depending on size)

I’m still needing to buy some more newborn diaper covers, but I feel so bad for buying more stuff when I never get O anything. I know technically the diapers are for the baby, but I’m the one buying the stuff so I feel like because of that I’m getting something out of it. I have decided on what Hubby’s getting for father’s day, and it will cost about half of what I’ll be spending on my entire cloth diaper stash, but still. I have also bought stuff to make lotions, diapers creams, sunscreens, chapstick…etc, and nothing for my darling partner in crime who give me the ability to be able to buy all this crap.. Not to mention, he lets me use him as a guinea pig sometimes, hahaha. Anyways, so I’m wanting to buy $70 worth of newborn-size covers and a few all-in-ones, but I feel guilty because O gets nothing out of it when I keep buying stuff for the wee bearn.
Ok I kind of feel extra guilty too because I’m going to be buying a bunch of stuff for our little yard and garden when we finally get moved too. Plus, I just spent like a gajillion dollars by letting him talk me into going to WalMart and we ended up buying a bunch of stuff (paints to make chalkboard paint for S’ room in the new place), including like $30 worth of cleaning supplies to clean this apartment when we start getting stuff moving over to the other place! I mean, I know that stuff is needed, but it makes me feel selfish… I guess I should remind myself he keeps buying beer and he bought himself a $6 glitter spray paint to play with on his skateboards, heh.

Worst thing about ordering things online… Like your son’s 4th birthday’s presents? Not being able to open it because it’s a birthday present for someone else! HAH! I have to remind myself to order his birthday cake next week too… Unless I feel like making it myself (which wouldn’t be pretty, I am great at the cake part, but my cakes are so awesome and moist and smooth, that frosting completely rips them apart!) or buying a cheap grocery store cake… I kind of wanted to buy him a real bakery cake though.. We’ll see. I HATE WAITING! It’s pretty much like the whole birthday thing is still for me instead of him, sure he likes presents and cake and all that.. But I’m way more into the whole thing that he is, way more excited for HIS birthday than he is. 😀

So this post is more about my son than the pregnancy/baby thing going on in my stomach, ha, but you only get to turn any certain age ONE time, so I’m kind of SUPER excited! PLUS, he’s growing up soooo fast and I completely HATE HATE HATE IT! So, as a result, I just spent $40 on some pictures and a photo-book from Shutterfly last night. The book is titled “ALL ABOUT S!!”  It should get here before his birthday too and that way I can put the book in with the other stuff as a present and he can see how much he means to us. And that he’ll always be sort of an only child, because we’ll always love him just as much as we do right now while he’s the only one causing our hair to turn grey or get pulled out. HEH. 😉

So week 25 was more about focusing on things for S’ upcoming birthday. But I’ve been feeling the little one move around a lot everyday (I guess I shouldn’t get too used to it, since pretty soon she’ll be too big to move around so much). And yesterday we went to dinner at a sushi place. However, for me it was kind of a letdown because it didn’t seem to have much flavor as I’m accustomed to at the places we normally frequented while living at our previous apartments in the next town over. (This town doesn’t have nearly enough Asian food places. And sometimes you do get tired of just Pho places and crappy Cantonese American take out. – My awesome lady in the mall stopped having her $2.99 special 😦 so finding good cheap Chinese food is impossible around here!!) As picky as I am lately, I should get busy and start food blogging again..  But all the best places we love are small Mom & Pop places and they keep falling out of business because there are too many Hispanics in our neighborhood who don’t apparently eat anything but Mexican food, Hamburgers, and Pizza. I AM SOOOO BEYOND SICK OF PIZZA!… Minus the Mexican food, this is pretty true for Hubby, his go-to food is definitely pizza. Whereas mine is GOOD Chinese food or Thai food. OH that reminds me, the Chinese restaurant we went on our first REAL date and a couple of our anniversaries, with the nicest couple in the world running it, WENT OUT OF BUSINESS!! OMG can you say DEVASTATED!It had been there for at least 10 years, and one trip over to the Asian market over there next to it, POOF no more 😦 I’ll definitely miss the nice old lady running the place and her usually grumpy husband, I hope all is well with them and the place wasn’t closed for some bad reason such as sickness or death. I hope they’re OK.

Week 26 – HERE WE GO!

Don’t forget to check out Sweetbottoms!!

It’s by far my favorite online store, super fast FREE shipping to the USA! And super-awesome customer service! I’ve bought from a lot of different companies over the past few months, but they all have those stupid “buy this much stuff to get free shipping”, which kind of makes me mad because you don’t end up saving any money just because things are cheaper up front, unless you need to buy the entire store, but for large orders, SB has quantity discounts. Ex: $7.25 for a diaper cover, buy 6 and they’re $6.49 and so on. It really makes sense to pay a little more when you consider the FREE SHIPPING. Otherwise you’d have to buy $70 (14 diapers/covers) in order to get free shipping, when you really only wanted 1 or 2 diapers in the first place!!


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