Week 24


Well hello there, did you miss me?

Probably not right, since I come around every week and have nothing new to talk about haha!

Anyways, it’s now week 25 in progress, so let’s go over what all happened for week 24.

I got fat! Alright. Not so much “fat” as I let hubby do my laundry and now my pants don’t fit, as happens every time I have him do the laundry… Men. But I have gotten about 4lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight, it goes up and down so my average weight is still at that pre-pregnancy mark.

Going by this table, about 10-13lbs of my weight is probably baby and all the gross stuff going on inside me right now, and my constipation has been occurring again, but for a while it was pretty consistent with having to go in the mornings. Just not a lot.

Weight Gain Table In Pounds

10 weeks 20 weeks 30 weeks 40 weeks
Your baby 0.17 oz 0.66 lb 3.3 lb 7.7 lb
The Placenta 0.7 oz 6 oz 0.95 lb 1.4 lb
Amniotic Fluid 1.05 oz 0.77 lb 1.65 lb 1.76 lb
The Uterus 4.9 oz 0.7 lb 1.3 lb 2.1 lb
Your Breasts 1.58 oz 0.4 lb 0.79 lb 0.89 lb
Blood Volume 3.52 oz 1.3 lb 2.9 lb 2.8 lb
Fluid Retention 3.52 oz 1.1 lb 1.8 lb 2.9
Body Fat 0.46 lb 3.5 lb 6.1 lb 7.1 lb
Total 1.4 lb 8.8 lb 18.7 lb 27.6 lb

Easy Baby Life Pregnancy Weight Gain Table

O says he can tell I’m pregnant when I’m turned sideways, but I’m not too sure on how accurate that is because he kind of lives to tell me what I want to hear, and I was lying sideways on the bed when he said it.
I know that I’m bigger, but “pregnant”, not so much, I do notice that I waddle BADLY now. And I stick my stomach out in public, hoping someone notices I’m not just FAT.

Vegetables seems to be making a comeback in my diet again. Not so far as to going prego-vegan again, but enough to the point where I feel sick thinking about eating meat. I have started buying (meaning last grocery trip) pork, because I for sure and sick of beef and chicken. However, unlike normally where I would have a lot of meat with my veggies, now my veggies take up my whole plate and the meat takes up a little spot where the veggies normally would have gone. Or else I skip the meat altogether.

UPDATE (4/5/13):

So yesterday my lovely internet decided to go out around this part of my post, and I had written a lot more after, then went to “publish”… tadaaa: no internet, no post, nothing but a big headache and cussing at the computer for not autosaving the webpage when it goes offline!!!
I’ll try to remember what I wrote, but will probably end up improvising a lot.


Yesterday we went to look at one more apartment, since my dreams of home ownership have been squashed for the year. Annnnnd DUN DUN DUN….


This place is 2bd 1 ba (would like the half bath downstairs, but no biggie!), with a pretty good-sized fenced in backyard, with a dirt floor (SO I CAN HAVE MY GARDEN AND GRASS!!), water, trash, sewage is all included, S gets his own room, we get our own room, the living room is big enough to make a sort of play area behind the couch where S can go crazy with his toys. Real open kitchen (not a little cubbyhole), good-sized dining room, and storage room under the stairs.
I have to admit, the FULL SIZE WASH ROOM is what actually sold me on the place. And even better: THE LAST TENANTS LEFT THEIR WASHER/DRYER!!! (does that mean we can take them with us when we move out?)
New flooring, large bathroom, blah blah blah. The neighborhood isn’t great, but it’s the cheapest, most affordable place we’ve looked at, and it’s managed by an actual realtor company for the owner of the building, so stuff will actually get done if anything breaks down (minus the washer and dryer I’m guessing).
I’m happy to have somewhere S can go outside to play and I don’t have to worry about him getting hit by a car or something (yard!), and I can have my baby in the peace and quiet of my own home, and be able to do the laundry afterwards in a real washer and dryer, without going to the laundromat!!!!
: A yard that I can put grass in and grow my garden for us to eat out of!!! I feel almost like secretly getting a couple of chickens, LOL. Yeah, because that would totally fly. But at least we get to have our animals back from my parents’ houses and my dad can stop killing my dog with all that corn GMO crap nasty ass dogfood. My poor Baby is going blind in her left eye! (She is almost 10 years old, but I just hate thinking that if we could have had her over the past 3 years that she would be a lot healthier, skinnier, and not going blind.)

We put in our applications, and while O still needs to find a few pay stubs, we should be able to get in within a couple of weeks and start moving all of our crap over there and begin cleaning this place. I’m thinking of just putting an ad in Craigslist and just hiring a Mexican for $50 to clean this place or something.
I think I want to get an actual moving truck and have neighbors help us move in as well, instead of having hubby’s brother and dad helping. I guess it wouldn’t be too bad if we could get O’s FRIENDS to help us, but they’re really lazy and will probably say, “No.” I just hate having to put up with his family. They’re a bunch of whiners, they say they’ll help, then O ends up doing everything while they sit back and watch and whine about “how much they’ve been doing.” BULLSHIT! YOU HAVEN’T EVEN MOVED A PINKY! It probably doesn’t help that we literally move every year. It’s not my fault you have to kep moving in order to find the perfect place for your family…As far away from your in-laws as possible… HAHA.
Next year should be better. 2 kids means more money back for the tax refund, then maybe there will be jobs in the area we want to move to and we can get our house and never move again!

That’s why we couldn’t find a house, there were no jobs where we wanted to move. And in the place there were jobs, there were no houses! I even looked here in the city I’m trying to get out of! Lots of jobs, no houses! BAHHH.


Week 25 better go just as fast as 24 did, I didn’t even realise it was time for week 24 to be over!
Only what, 16 more weeks left give or take? I can do it!!! Ha, once July gets here I’m going to be like OH GOD NO, WHY CAN’T I HAVE A FEW MORE MONTHS! …. Ok maybe not, but right now I feel like it’s just going to sneak up on me while I’m not looking. TADAA NOW YOU HAVE TWO KIDS!


At least I’ll have a washer and dryer! A FULL-SIZE WASHER AND DRYER!
O was trying to be helpful finding apartments with washers and dryers, but they were all stackable, and if you’ve ever lived somewhere with a stackable, you know that it just doesn’t make sense for a family of any size. I remember having to wash 3 pairs of pants at a time, or 5-6 shirts. And it takes absolutely FOREVER. NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN!!!!! I mean we do it every time we go to my dad’s and he KNOWS it takes like 3 hours for one load of laundry. Like a portable steam washer/dryer!

Anyways, yay for getting out of this tiny sinkhole of an apartment and into and “almost house”. 🙂


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