Week 27

Week 27. Well we went to the new house just about everyday, since we have the yard started and I have the beginning of a garden planted, so we have to keep it watered. I’ve been having sickness here and there, and just feeling like crap half the time, usually in the morning I feel … Continue reading

Week 26

So we went camping at a campground in Tombstone, AZ for S’ birthday. He got to watch the gunfight show, eat ice cream, see cowboys, run around on the wooden sidewalks, take a picture with the Earps and Holiday, shoot a cap gun (that has since been taken away because he gets a little obsessed … Continue reading

Week 25

More movement this week. It’s kind of nice to not be paranoid. I’m sure O has been getting sick of me freaking out when the baby isn’t moving all the time, haha. I found a newborn swim diaper after forever trying to find one, it’s an iPlay but in NB size! Unlike those at the … Continue reading

Week 24

(4/4/13) Well hello there, did you miss me? Probably not right, since I come around every week and have nothing new to talk about haha! Anyways, it’s now week 25 in progress, so let’s go over what all happened for week 24. I got fat! Alright. Not so much “fat” as I let hubby do … Continue reading