Week 23

Nothing much happened over the week.

I feel like I’m coming down from online shopping/cloth diaper withdrawals. HAHA! O is adamant NO MORE DIAPERS! (Or baby stuff in general) Especially after I made a few fitted diapers while I was at my mom’s a couple of weeks ago. He’s obsessed with the idea that I can make them to sell. HA I say, HA!

Movement is pretty consistent with its timing daily, a little in the afternoon, more at night when I lie down to go to bed. I think baby is growing a lot because it does slow down a bit, compared to a few weeks ago. They say you’re not supposed to get obsessed with counting kicking until 28 weeks or so.

Our home search is falling through. Where we want to live there are no jobs, and everywhere there are jobs, THERE ARE NO HOUSES! It’s fucking depressing to say the least. No way in hell am I having this baby in an apartment. Not like we can afford to live in an apartment anyways, since none in this area have included utilities, which is the only way we’d be able to get a bigger apartment. I better suck it up and just pick something that isn’t my dream home.
Not to mention, all homes in the city are fucking tiny with no yard/land.
That’s probably the part that REALLY ticks me off.

I don’t want neighbors. Especially since down here there’s a 90% chance those neighbors are illegals or some other type of criminal. NO I do not want to live in the city. I want a large house in the country.

Sigh. So that’s what I’m trying to focus on this week, I need to find a house.
I guess we’ll just go to a local bank and see if we can get the loan approval for down here. Or else I guess I’m going to find another apartment….


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