Week 22

Finally Week 22 is over!

The weeks are kind of BLAH and super slow now. I feel like summer just can’t come fast enough.

Mostly because I’ve pretty much nested in terms of buying stuff for the new baby. Now we just have to find O a job where we want to move to, move there, and set up in our new HOUSE! I have a personal preference of a 4bd, 2-3ba, 1+ acres, fenced, with a garden tub, laundry (preferably w/d included), and big kitchen. Those are my requirements. Hubby’s are a lot more simple: Good water pressure, gas stove (I don’t know why this matters to him since I’m the only one who ever goes into the kitchen!), room for a skateboarding ramp in the yard. And for both of us? A large water heater! (although I will probably still want an 80 gal water heater if the house has anything less than that, LOL).
I can’t wait, seriously the biggest thing I’m excited about it having a fenced in yard that my son can go outside without me freaking out that some ghetto person is going to kidnap him. And when he’s older he can ride his bike down to the nearest gas station like I did when I was little, “Dad! I’m going to Texas!” (Texaco)
A plus of having 4 bedrooms is because I’m not so secretly trying to force my best friend to come back home and stop living with strangers in Oregon.


Anyways, I feel lots of movement every day (when I lie down) and mega movement at night right before I’m going to sleep. The baby seems to like when it’s quiet, because if it’s not quiet she doesn’t move…. Or else she’s like S and quiet makes her go crazy and try to destroy everything in the house.
I don’t know if I can handle two tornado children! 🙂
I can no SEE my stomach bumping around when she’s moving, which is pretty cool, because I think I only saw S move like that a few times, but it’s kind of opposite in that #2 moves when I’m lying down, and S moved whenever I was sitting up for a long time (like at the computer desk, lol).

Now that my diaper stash has been finished for a week or so, and my wraps have arrived… I’m sort of having “online shopping withdrawals”. LOL I want to buy more stuff, but in reality, I’ve spent $234 on diapers (for my entire stash, I’ll never NEED to buy anymore unless they get ruined), but altogether for all of #2’s things, we’ve spent over $1000!!!
As a frugal person, this kind of REALLY FREAKS ME OUT! I really do hate spending money. But I guess new baby and all, I would have spent it eventually anyways, good to get it out of the way, right? #2 won’t need anything for a few months, and even then, she’ll only need bigger clothes.

Now I have to retrain myself to go back to our normal monthly spending, rent ($507), electric ($100+-), gas ($60), groceries ($200+-). And anything more than that needs to be scrimped away and saved.. around $250/mo that should be saved, but never really gets around to being saved, haha. I guess that comes with the territory of having a preschooler that knows how to say “I want…”


Week 23 here I come!

And please, 2nd half of pregnancy, PLEASE GO BY SUPER SUPER FAST!!! I really want to go swimming.


Ok I might have to spend about $60 more, because I really need a swimming suit, and it looks like Motherhood Maternity is going to be my only option. (I did tell you about the TORPEDO BOOBS, didn’t I?)

If I didn’t tell you about the torpedo boobs, I’ve recently been looking for a swimming suit, but all of the ones in my size have GINORMOUS places where the boobs are supposed to go. Well I’m sorry clothing manufacturers, not all fat people have size FHFGHFHFHHGH boobs. I’m a 36 C thank you very much. 38  C on days when I feel like a cow. So maybe this is why I normally just find a bikini and some gigantic bottoms for my huge ass and hips. But I really don’t want to be a fat pregnant cow in a bikini with a tank top on top of everything. And I don’t want to ruin any more bras from swimming. All I wanted was a one-piece swimsuit, I don’t remember ever wearing a one-piece in my life, but I wanted one.

Now I’m going to slink and sulk my way to Motherhood and get a $60 Tankini that’s going to be too big in a year and fade out like the one I had when S was a baby.


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