Off Topic: No-Poo! “Smells like a Hippy”

1:10 ratio of Baking Soda and Water

You can add up to 80 drops (per gallon) of your favorite essential oils for smells, or tea tree for dandruff issues.

mix in a gallon pitcher (or I just used a cooking pot), and dump on your head. Let sit for 30 mins (such as while washing your body in the shower), then rinse thoroughly.

Rinse with a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and water, sit for 3 mins, rinse. Acts as a conditioner.

I just used a bit of peppermint extract for a smell in mine, because I don’t have oils yet, and I skipped the rinse because my hair is in newly formed dreadlocks so I didn’t want to condition for obvious reasons.

When O got home from work my hair was almost all the way dry and I asked him to smell my hair since I took a bath and washed and felt all squeaky clean. “You smell like a hippy.” He said. I said, “How!!? YOU Smell like a hippy!”
He said, “Yup, we all smell like hippies.” So I think he was giving me a hard time.

My son says my hair smells nice. TYVM!

And it feels cleaner than ever!!

New favorite thing!

And I could acually SEE the grime as water came off my hair with the baking soda mix. Like when you use it to clean pots and pans.


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