End of Week 21 – Fluffy Butts and Boredom

Transition from week 21-22

This week has gone off pretty boringly. We went to my mom’s town to look for jobs and look at a house, only to discover that – I FLIPPING HATE IT THERE. Not to mention, the altitude is so much higher than home that I spent yesterday feeling sick and like my bone were being compressed inside of my body. I couldn’t breathe, and when we finally got home, all of my bones and muscles felt like they were being broken to the limit. I imagine it felt like what being thrown in the middle of the ocean, tied to a rock feels like.

I spent all night trying to sleep, off and on, eventually on one of the times when I woke up: the pain was too unbearable to get back to sleep. I had to wake up O so he could try to crack my spine or just DO SOMETHING, so it wouldn’t hurt anymore! Of course it didn’t work, but I eventually got to sleep and when I woke up for the last time, I am feeling a lot better now. I think my body has finally gotten used to being back to it’s own sea-level.
(UPDATE: Definitely had altitude sickness after doing all the research to learn about it. Kind of feel bad for not letting hubby take a job in his dream ghost town [Jerome, AZ], but if I die from altitude sickness, then it won’t really matter anyways will it?! I even thought about letting him call the loan people today, but I dno’t ever want to feel so sick ever again, I seriously thought I was going to die.)


As for being pregnant, not a whole lot has happened or changed. Lots of movement…Well, compared to a couple of weeks ago where I would feel something and then it would disappear for a couple of days. I try to get O to feel the movement when it happens, but usually he’s asleep or just doesn’t pay enough attention. My back hurts a lot because the baby just sits there, and then jabs her hand or foot or something into my vagina…very uncomfortable.
I’m peeing A LOT now, but most of the time, I can still hold it in for a while before I feel like I’m going to pee my pants. As usual, like even when NOT pregnant, the worst thing that happens is when you REALLLLLLY HAVE TO GO and then only three drops come out. REALLY? I RAN to the bathroom for THAT?!


I’ve completed my cloth diaper stash!!

So my total is:

Newborn (6-15bs in most cases)

4 AIOs

3 Covers

12 Small Fitteds


One Size (10-35lbs, basically for life)

3 AIOs

6 Covers

2 Pockets

24 Prefolds


12 Medium Fitteds (15-25lbs)


And a couple of flannel diapers I made myself!

(AIOs are for daddy, haha)


That’s 57 changes altogether I think. I might have more, but those are just the ones I remember right off the bat.

Oh I also have 5 Flour Sack Towels for use as Flats.
I have one large wet bag, one large wet/dry bag, 1 diaper pail liner, 1 bottle of LuSa Wipe Juice, 6 Snappis (a little overboard, but they were cheaper this way!!! $2.50/ea instead of $4/ea!), a bunch of samples of different laundry detergents (But I’ll probably end up using Tide or Sun, like everyone else does), annnnnnnd I think that’s all.

I’ve spent WAY TOO MUCH MONEY. So I’m definitely on the diaper wagon now. … And the pretty much the ALL THINGS BABY wagon: Meaning that ALL THINGS BABY related are off limits until this baby is like 6 months old, HA!



I got my water wrap and my Bali Breeze gauze wrap. (The water wrap is to take LO swimming; BB is for carrying my son around, if I can get it mastered).


So those are basically my birthday presents to myself.


And definitely try the mystery fluff from http://www.kissedbythemoon.com, I got a few brands that I could never afford to buy otherwise (Lil’ Joeys, Bummis, Thirsties, BumGenius, etc.), but that I was looking at and considering splurging on!

And as always, http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com will probably never let me down, they have great customer service, and ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING!!! No annoying “buy this much crap and we’ll give you free shipping”, just straight up, “buy whatever you want and don’t pay for shipping!”


Oh I do want to buy a few more things before I completely give up buying diapers… But that’s because Kawaii is having a sale!! :-O So I’m totally going to try to jump on that. I want to try their Pure ‘N Natural or whatever it’s called.


We actually found a local diaper shop, but honestly, it just makes more sense to buy online since most things are overpriced a bit compared to online. But, it totally makes me want to open a diaper shop and strike it rich with overpricing people! LOL!

O says I should start making WAHMs and selling them for NORMAL prices (not the $40 you can expect to find online), like around the same prices as online or in the store. It’s really not that hard, but after a while at the sewing machine, my back really starts to hurt like a bitch! Plus the tediousness… Maybe I will eventually make them for friends or something, but I don’t have the patience or gung-ho-ness to just make them “because” and sell. Maybe if we somehow go broke and really need money. I do like the idea of getting more people to cloth diaper, because our Western countries are solely responsible for the failing of the Earth, and we’re the only one’s who even use disposable diapers. Most don’t even use ANY!


Ok, I guess that’s about all I have to talk about today. Pregnancy isn’t really exciting anymore since I’m not sick. I guess I can complain about being fat? I can’t reach my hoo-hah anymore, or se my feet. So I know I’m getting bigger, but I just look humongous. And not fitting in my pants is getting really old!

I’m to the point where I really don’t know what “week” I’m on, I just know that this baby is supposed to come out some time in July. HAHA. Yeah, I’m starting to get really lazy!


6 thoughts on “End of Week 21 – Fluffy Butts and Boredom

    • I’m just using prefolds, flour sack towels (as flats), and covers. I have a few Bumpkins brand all-in-ones for the hubby to use, and a Rumparooz.
      Check out the cloth diapering forum on babycenter.com, it’s really full of great information. The facebooks cloth diapering groups pretty much suck in that aspect, the only diapers anyone seems to know about there are pockets, and nobody does their homework before buying or selling…which annoys me and makes me feel sorry for them lol. Please please please check reviews and prices before buying from anyone selling used diapers or “WAHM”/their ‘own brand’ diapers. There are some people out there who like to scam others! A lot of them are Alva diapers from China that they’ve had their own ‘brand name’ sewed onto. Alva’s are really popular pocket diapers, but they only cost $4-8 while some women will try to sell used ones for $10 (for the $4 ones!).
      Anyways yeah, I’m just doing mostly prefolds and flats with covers, covers run from $5-15 depending on brand I have some Kawaii brand, Bumpkins, and Bummis, and one Rumparooz cover and a bunch of cheap China prefolds ($10 for 12) and flour sack towels from Walmart ($4 for 4). For about $18/dozen you can get organic prefolds pretty much anywhere, just DO NOT BUY ANYTHING GERBER! (Is pretty much what I’ve picked up here and there lol)
      Hope all this helps! Feel free to write with and questions!

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