Nesting Much? WEEK 21!

So I pretty much knew I was going to cloth diaper with this baby, after I found all the new stuff they have these days. I tried when S was born, but because all I had was my mom’s experience with Gerber and plastic pants. Yeah, I think it lasted about a day, or when we ran out of disposables. Not to mention, I didn’t even know you have to ‘prep’ them!  Sad, sad first time mom stuff, haha.

So since I found out what we’re having, I tried to get over my gender disappointment through shopping! Everywhere we went had boring, ugly, PINK clothes. But we bought whatever was slightly cute and stopped. Then I got on the cloth diapering group, well, I started participating in it anyways, haha, I’ve been a member for a while, trying to learn everything. I’ve spent a lot of money on diapers and I’m actually done with my fluff stash as soon as my last stuff comes in next week.

My birthday was yesterday and here’s what I bought myself 🙂

1 GypsyMama Water Wrap from

2 GypsyMama Bali Breeze Wrap

3 Diaper pail liner

4 LuSa Wipe Juice

(Last three all from my favorite store

5 Loved Mystery Fluff

6 Original Mystery Fluff

7 The PITS Deodorant by The Balm

(5-7 ordered from

O bought me a card, giant chocolate cake, and a bouquet of flowers.

And he remembered that purple is my favorite color 🙂

All in all it was the best birthday I’ve had since I turned 18 and embarked on my self-finding journey to Minnesota. (Yes I still miss Minnesota.)

But I’ve seriously got to hold up on the nesting! NO MORE NOMORE NOMORENOMORENOMORE 🙂 🙂 🙂  HAHAHAHA!

I’ve still got 4 more months until the baby comes!

In other news, Hubby felt the baby move a few nights ago, from the outside. I had to push his hand into my stomach, but he felt it!

Today I’ve been lying in bed, and I can actually see little squid moving around in there! Pretty cool. I guess it’s getting more real for me now, and I’m getting less scared to have a girl. If anything maybe she’ll be a lesbian tomboy and I’ll get the best of both worlds! :-).

Oh, found the cutest little tiny swimsuit for her!

Apparently Babies ‘R’ Us is the only place with nice looking girl clothes. Normally I can’t afford anything in that store. And here’s why: We bought 3 sets of outfits, a nb swimsuit, a bag for the umbrella stroller, and a pack with two of those hooks for grocery bags, and two bumGenius 4.0 diapers. Grand total: $136!

Its like going to Walmart. Buy five things for $200. Ugh.


But I am definitely completely done buying things until I have to buy my birth kit.


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