Week 23

Nothing much happened over the week. I feel like I’m coming down from online shopping/cloth diaper withdrawals. HAHA! O is adamant NO MORE DIAPERS! (Or baby stuff in general) Especially after I made a few fitted diapers while I was at my mom’s a couple of weeks ago. He’s obsessed with the idea that I … Continue reading

Week 22

Finally Week 22 is over! The weeks are kind of BLAH and super slow now. I feel like summer just can’t come fast enough. Mostly because I’ve pretty much nested in terms of buying stuff for the new baby. Now we just have to find O a job where we want to move to, move … Continue reading

Week 20

Went to the ultrasound, everything looks good and we’re having a girl. My placenta’s in the right spot, etc (since that’s about the only thing I was really scared of besides deformities). I wish I would not have found out what we’re having. It might be stupid to some people, but I cried all night … Continue reading