Week 19

Almost halfway finished with this pregnancy!

It feels like when you’ve finished your midterm exam, and then figure out you still have another 3 months of class and then a FINAL exam. Like… a false celebration haha.

Tomorrow we have our ultrasound scheduled. Like I said, I just want to make sure the baby isn’t deformed or anything. O wants to find out whether it’s a boy or girl, but I’m on the wire and still want to be left in the dark until baby’s birth.
I decided he can find out, have the tech put the result in an envelope or something and that way I can go shopping, show Omar things I like for both sexes, then he can pick up the right colored things that I’ve chosen and hide them somewhere.

I know that I probably won’t be able to wait until birth to find out if the information is close enough to where I can threaten Hubby into telling me. (The “no dinner, no sex” schpiel.) 😉
But I will seriously try to forget about wanting to know what we’re having and just focus on how awesome of a surprise I’ll have when baby is born. Wish me luck haha… Watch, tomorrow I’ll go in and be like, “Eff it, just tell me!” I don’t have the willpower to not know.


O finally took out the trash yesterday. But the dishes have yet to be done. I’m guessing he’ll probably do them tonight or tomorrow since he doesn’t work tomorrow. But I really wanted to go shopping tomorrow, I’ve been waiting 20 weeks to go on a real “baby shopping spree”. LOL.
Yes, I’m halfway over my hatred of O’s new second job, but I will not relinquish my opinions on the fact that he shouldn’t have a second job, he should be at home taking care of his family, and spending as much time as possible with his son before the new baby gets here and takes up half of our son’s mommy-daddy time! I’m very adamant about that and the decision will not change. Kids deserve to have all the time with their parents as humanly possible in my opinion. After work is family time. ENDOFSTORY. After work doesn’t mean, get dressed to go to another work, say hi and bye to the kid and wifey and neglect as much as possible.
You’re supposed to be home in time for at least one meal together as a family per day. You know?

And it’s not like we NEED the money. We’ve always gotten by and never gone without anything that wasn’t materialistic. We’ve never gone hungry or without a home or power or water.


I don’t know why he decides to pull this bullshit when I’m pregnant, that’s probably what pisses me off the most.

Tomorrow marks 19w6d, so hello Week 20!


This week was ok, I hate riding in the car because #1: O drives like a madman , and #2: bumps make me sick because the baby thinks this is the perfect time to kick me and sit on my bladder.

I’ve been eating meats again! And gone pretty much opposite from being vegan to being a carnivore.

Still have my cold, but I think it’s trying to let up. I feel more energy today. Yesterday was like BLAHHHHH JUST LET ME STAY IN BED JUST IN CASE I PASS OUT! Of course Hubby wanted to drive around for hours and hours after everything in 3 towns was closed because it was SUNDAY!

My weight is pretty much stabilized around 6lbs les than what I started this pregnancy with. I think after 20 weeks is the make it or break it, whether you gain tons of weight or lose it during pregnancy. I’m still hoping for that 25lbs to come off before the baby is born. Only 20lbs and we have like 5 months left, it’s possible to happen right? 4lbs a month, not insane!

……. I don’t think I have anything else to talk about. Happy Halfway!


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