Week 18


Nothing happening so far this week, on Valentine’s Day we went out to dinner and my taste buds proved to be broken. At first I thought the food was poisonous or contaminated or something (though O didn’t taste anything weird and ate to his heart’s content and was just fine), but then I stopped to get myself something to eat, and it had the same weird taste.
Thanks for ruining my Valentine’s Dinner, stupid pregnancy. HAHA. 🙂

I got my clothes from Old Navy and surprise, EVERYTHING FIT! Well, the maternity leggings are too big around the belly, but of course that’s because I don’t show during pregnancy. At least they fit on my legs, I have huge thighs and legs. My shirts fit awesome, albeit they are long, but the dress was just big all over and not too cute, but it’s clothing and that’s all I care about nowadays.

O started a second job that requires him to be working his normal job in the day (6a-3p), and then go to his new job from 4p-10p. So for three days a week I am without a hubby now. Yesterday S and I went to the playground/park for 2 hours, then came home to nap (failure), and eventually we went to the mall to eat and play at the indoor playground, which was good for a change because most of the kids were around his age instead of a bunch of big kids running around trying to kill the babies.

Eventually I’ll stop being lazy and get to packing up all these boxes that O brought home for me, we’re going to start packing everything up to move into a storage in the town we’re trying to move to. On his days off we really need to go up there and find him a job so we can get busy on getting the loan for the house. Apparently he has to have a job there before we can apply, so that’s what we have to do, turn in tons of resumes and applications so we can get our loan. -shrug-


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