Week 17

Week 17.. I can’t believe it’s taken this long to get this close to only being halfway done with this pregnancy!

We went to my dad’s and left the baby with him, then went to Laughlin, NV to spend one parent-free night alone at the casinos. I must have walked over 6 miles in less than 24 hours. And part..maybe a third of that length was stairs. I hate stairs, even worse, my knees really hate stairs!

Had fun, broke about even, picked up the baby and came home.

Apparently we can’t apply for a mortgage where we want to move until after hubby gets a job up there. Typed up and printed out a few resumes while at my dad’s, will go up next week on days off to take them into restaurants. In the meantime, I should be packing up our stuff, but I guess unless a box hits me in the head, its not happening right now haha! This pregnancy has be so tired and lazy for no reason.

For Valentine’s Day early,’ O got me the NutriBullet I’ve been wanting for a month or two…maybe longer. So I’ve been playing with that and experimenting with all finds of smoothies, milkshakes, I even made coconut butter today.

I think it would work OK for blended cooked salsa, but not sure about regular pulsed chunky like I normally make. I love it so far though! And I’m having less issues with my pregnancy constipation and its only been like 2 days! Lifesaver!

Still no real ‘movement’, just tinges here and there, sometimes pains, lots of baby on the bladder… Can’t wait for real kicks, maybe then I’ll stop complaining about being pregnant.


I decided to buy a few maternity things from Old Navy. A couple of shirts, a dress, and some leggings and a pair of slippers. Lazy lounging around kind of clothes I can wear in public. Hopefully they fit, I don’t have great luck with clothes now that I’m fat again. I wish I wouldn’t have gained back all this weight, I was back to my pre-preg weight in fall of 2011, then gained it all back 2012 after Xmas 2011! Stupid me, stupid stupid. Oh well, after this baby comes…

Onto week 18!

… Only five hundred thousand left to go…

I can’t wait until Summertime!


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