Week 16; and random stuff



My whole friggen body feels like I got a sack of bricks dropped on me or something. I was sitting on the floor, ATTEMPTING to make a paper rose wreath for Valentines Day (it turns out I’m just not crafty enough), and I had to yell for O to get out of bed and come help me off the floor, “I’m stuck!” Embarrassing moment of pregnancy #2. (#1 is peeing while sneezing or coughing.)

Today was Hubby’s first weekday off, … Ever, I think. And he went out and paid the rent and skateboarded a while, I stayed in bed because I’m exhausted. Later we went to Home Depot and I got my planting things, seeds, flowers, strawberry plants… Etc.  And because I’m excited about the idea of getting a house, we looked at 80 gallon water heaters and washers, dryers, refrigerators.. Oh and S and I looked around the garden dept. at yard things, lawnmowers and weed whackers, house cleaning sprayers (some people are anal aren’t they?)… Fun stuff he’s never seen unless there’s a Mexican landscaper outside on Thursday morning. I hate Thursday morning, and doesn’t that guy know you’re not supposed to mow wet lawn? He definitely doesn’t work for a real licensed company like my brother-in-law.

City folk don’t get the privilege of having lawns to mow or weeds to whack. Luckily my son won’t remember living in the city, and he’ll get to mow lots of lawn and whack lots of weeds.

OK rant over, heh! 🙂

So far, week 16 has just started, but my appetite is actually getting worse. I’ve been craving French dips for a couple of weeks now. Well, we finally found a place that had them and O had to finish mine, I don’t know whether I just didn’t like it, or if I just got full off of half, but I wasn’t loving it and had a stomachache later on. Then, I was forced to go to mother-in-law’s and O’s niece and I ate a whole veggie platter by ourselves (mostly me, she ate the carrots), with no dipping sauces! Maybe my appetite is only existent for raw vegetables. In that case I have a whole bundle of celery I need to eat before it goes bad. Man! That’s the other kind of seed I was trying to find! Celery!


The next day after my last writing was Thursday. I was woken at 7am after maybe 4 hours of sleep.

Starting to feel sick again, so to go with my body soreness, I feel uber fantastic! (Enter sarcasm) Every now and then I even seem to pull a muscle in my abdomen, I’m guessing that’s what people mean by round ligament pain? I don’t know, I never had any of that stuff with my son’s pregnancy. Anyways, it hurts like a mf’er when that happens. Also, my feet hurt, but they’re not swollen anymore; and when I go shopping I have to majorly lean on the cart because my lower back and hips start to hurt from all the bone separating going on in my pelvis to prepare for a baby.

I still haven’t gotten around to that celery yet. I did start to pickle some cucumbers and threw in a few radishes in there as well. It looks really weird with green and little clouds of pinkish red, haha! Pretty neat.

I planted my plants. A few marigolds to keep bugs away, strawberries, and some seeds starting in the house: peas, chives, tomatoes… And a little strawberry seed plant thing I got from the $1 section at target a few weeks ago, its finally popping out.

We got S his big boy (car seat/booster combo) chair. Only $50 at TJ Maxx. Pretty good considering the ones I was finding were all $70-200! I’ll put it in eventually, we’ll need the box for moving lol! Until then he stays in his normal seat. Maybe I’ll put the other one in daddy’s car so I don’t always end up driving everywhere, even though his car sucks and the seats are too narrow for my ass! 🙂 My car has an enormous interior.

Pretty soon we’ll have to get around to selling both of the extra cars too, my Honda and hubby’s Hyundai. Should make us $5000 at least. That way we’ll have something extra to live off of when we move and O looks for work.

I think I’m just going to post week 16 now, even though I’m not sure its over… Heck, I could be in week 17 and not even be paying attention. I hope I’m finally to that stage where time flies by until the month baby is supposed to get here.





And if you get butthurt and know who I’m talking about, you shouldn’t even be here because all you spread is hatred and unrest. Preach your medical religion somewhere else!

On a final note.

Unlike most birth diary writers, I don’t feel the need to be especially nice to people with doctor or MEDwife manipulated births.

If you know you’re unhealthy, why get pregnant? This one boggles me. But its on my mind.

I feel really sad and sorry for the poor women who are forced, told, bullied, scared, tricked, and brainwashed by media, doctors, society, and culture. Into doing things or believing things that are falsified.

“My baby’s too big,”

“My body doesn’t work,”

“But my doctor said….” Is always a cause of concern in itself for me to hear.

If you hear these in a sentence, nod and walk away, people really don’t want to hear what you think. They just want to cry about it and be reassured that letting birth-rape happen in any form is OK.

(PS: MY OB said even fat people can birth naturally as long as their they’re healthy, all healthy people can give birth naturally. My regular doctor said that even though I’m fat, I’m a perfect specimen of a human female. Eat that. Chew. Swallow. Not all medical people SUCK, but you have to take time to find the good ones!) <—- Keep that to yourself too if it applies, they will say your doctors are crazy.

Keep it to yourself that: Our physiological JOB is to see to it that the human race continues on it’s destructive path against the world. Our bodies are made for BIRTHING. There are a ton of women whose moms and grandma’s had their children naturally, at home. Yes it was normal at one time to have a baby by yourself without being threatened to be cut open. Their infant mortality rate was lower than ours is now. Actually, in the USA right now, we have the highest infant mortality rates, highest c-section rates, and highest hospital birth rates, not a coincidence.

I can’t stand women who schedule c-sections and inductions for personal reasons like a holiday, vacation, event. Let alone the ones who allow their doctors to give their babies eviction notices! YOUR BABY WILL COME WHEN IT’S READY! Have you ever heard of someone being pregnant forever?

I’ve heard of a lot of women who when 42 weeks and even some who’ve gone as far as 46 weeks! “Due dates” aren’t real. Every person is different, every body is different, every cycle in every month is a little different from the last. Every baby comes out at his or her own finished gestation timing. Not when you’re ready, not when the doctor or MEDwife decide


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