Week 19

Almost halfway finished with this pregnancy! It feels like when you’ve finished your midterm exam, and then figure out you still have another 3 months of class and then a FINAL exam. Like… a false celebration haha. Tomorrow we have our ultrasound scheduled. Like I said, I just want to make sure the baby isn’t … Continue reading

Week 18

(2/16/2013) Nothing happening so far this week, on Valentine’s Day we went out to dinner and my taste buds proved to be broken. At first I thought the food was poisonous or contaminated or something (though O didn’t taste anything weird and ate to his heart’s content and was just fine), but then I stopped … Continue reading

Week 17

… Week 17.. I can’t believe it’s taken this long to get this close to only being halfway done with this pregnancy! We went to my dad’s and left the baby with him, then went to Laughlin, NV to spend one parent-free night alone at the casinos. I must have walked over 6 miles in … Continue reading