Week 15



Note to self and all pregnant ladies with morning sickness:

This morning was the first time my son and I woke up early enough for McDonald’s breakfast since being on vacation last year, so we went to get some breakfast burritos. Well, of course they came back up for me. The first meal of the day always comes back up to haunt me, right around the time I finish eating. BIG ol’ chunks of tortilla and whole pieces of egg and sausage.

I have got to remember to chew my food thoroughly.

In other news, I think I’m getting close to the timeframe where I actually start wetting the bed. If I’m right and it happens sometime soon, I’m very glad I bought this waterproof mattress cover thing.

A lot of the time I think to myself, “What if I’m not pregnant, what if something happened…etc.” You know, because kicks come infrequently until baby is humongous, and without movement you naturally start to worry. Then I spend half the morning or night puking and I’m like, “OK! STILL PREGNANT!”


The past few days have been a lot better when it comes to morning sickness and all that gross stuff. However, I still feel like crap, and I’m pretty much tired all the time. Hubby bought me a row planter and some petunias and pansies, so today I planted them, hopefully they live with this crazy weather we’ve been having. It was freezing for a week, literally all day and night freezing or under (30 degrees Farenheit). Then it was pretty nice, around 70-85 degrees, now it’s about 50 in the day and 40 at night, and it rained for the past 4 days, literally non stop rain, like we live in Seattle now or something. If you know Arizona, you know it’s only supposed to rain around the end of July into August, around the time school starts. This weekend it’s supposed to get back up to 75 degrees. I hope so. I’m tired of the ups and downs. I wish it would pick a temperature. I hope my flowers don’t die. I want to go to the store and get some seeds though, so I can start some seedlings inside, tomatoes and some herbs maybe.

I found a really nice house that I want to look at, 4bd 2 ba for only $55k! With an acre of land, that’s fenced with chain-link! It has a nice looking kitchen and dining area with a gas stove (hubby’s preference) and an island where the kitchen sink is! I love counter space. It also has TONS of cabinets. Which is really important with all the kitchen crap and pots and pans that I have.
Next week hopefully we’ll get up there and talk to the lenders to get pre approved. If we can get $70k then we’ll have money to buy a washer and dryer and plants for the virgin yard to landscape, a clean palette! I’m so excited.
With my luck, it will be sold and off the market by the time we get the OK to look at houses. *sigh*
Did I tell you about the master bathroom? Standalone shower and garden tub. Put a few indoor plants or hanging plants, can you say, HEAVEN. NTM how awesome it would be to have a garden tub to labor in!

This week has been pretty good, nothing to really complain about.  😛

Oh, I went to Motherhood and bought some leggings, 2 for $30. Now all my dresses I wear with black leggings are dirty and I refuse to do the laundry. I’m trying this experiment where hubby makes giant messes and cleans them up himself. Of course this means that the dishes still haven’t been done and laundry wont be done until O runs out of work clothes. It’s a failing experiment.
I can’t wait until I have a house and I can do laundry daily. I have a ton of housewife dreams thinking about having our own home. Gardening, chickens, grass, a yard for the kids to be able to go outside freely, animals (my dog is at my dad’s and my cats are at my mom’s because we can’t have animals here), the biggest is probably a washer and dryer in the house, and the ability to have people over for holidays or visiting. Oh, and being able to decorate, like paint the walls, Christmas decorations, pictures on the walls and not worrying about the holes, not having to freak out if the baby colors on his own walls. I actually have a whole idea for having a wall of chalkboard paint in S’ room, and letting him “paint” one of the walls for decoration. Don’t tell my hubby of course, he would FREAK. 😉


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