Food and Pregnancy

Lots of women have aversions to foods they normally like, meaning that they can’t stand the thought of it, during pregnancy.

I’m not immune to this. I seriously thought I was for a long time. Things taste a lot different when you’re pregnant, and most things taste like crap, BUT this has never made me stay away from “certain” foods.

Until it hit me. I can’t eat meat! Don’t get me wrong, meat is my absolute favorite food group next to dairy.
However, for the past few weeks of this pregnancy, I haven’t been able to stomach more than a few bites of meat! I make most of our food with a 80% veggie to 20% meat combination, but even that 20% lately is just making me avoid eating whatever the food is.
I made Stir-fry, I had a few bites, but mostly picked around the meat. I made beef, tofu, and veggie curry – I didn’t even have one serving. I had hubby go to McDonald’s or Burger King or somewhere, I had 3 chicken nuggets out of 20… and the fries were disgusting but I ate them..Must have been Burger King their fries are gross. I’ve been only getting salad’s from McDonald’s lately and giving the chicken to my son! Normally I would shank someone before they’re allowed to touch my chicken haha!

So even I am not unsusceptible to food aversions during pregnancy!

I made BLT’s for dinner tonight. Even the 3 slices of bacon I put on my sandwich felt like too much meat. Later on, I ate an entire tomato and a lemon!

As for cravings, I had the BLT craving, but usually I just crave things as I see them or think about them. Mangoes, Watermelon, Tomatoes, Lemons, Pomegrantes, Cherries, Radishes, Cucumbers…. etc. All fruits and veggies!

I think this baby is trying to tell me that I need more vegetable vitamins and minerals and stuff! But the lack of protein is most likely what’s been the cause of my terrible headaches as of late, which I thought were from dehydration, but are still around after I make sure to drink at least a gallon of what per day.


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