Week 14

Still throwing up on occasion. Ok, a lot this week, usually in the morning/afternoon. Right after I eat something, whatever the first something of the day is, I puke it up. I was down 5lbs from when I got pregnant, but after last night, binging on pizza, crab legs, … and whatever sounded good at the time, I’m back up to original weight. Hopefully it will go back down and jsut keep going down.

As you should know, last time Iw as pregnant my dr said it was fine to lose weight, since I’m 50lbs heavier than I was pre-preg last time, I’m trying to lose at least 25lbs to get back to that pre-preg weight (225). If I lost more I would be super happy lol, but not holding my breath since I’m really not watching what I eat. I’m a firm believer that my body will tell me what and when to eat, going by what kind of nutrients it needs at the time.
I should probably do more of a “diet” maybe. Or at least stick to my normal clean eating: only natural foods. But my “cravings” or whatever, are having a mind fo their own, an since 1/3 of my food isn’t staying in me, I have pretty much given up on worrying about it. Plus, I haven’t felt like cooking in a couple of months. Mostly because before I eat for the first time, until I eat the second time, I just feel like shit all day.


Week 14 has been uncomfortable, sickening, and pretty boring. But I spent a lot of time in the sun this weekend and I felt pretty damn good, obviously, since I gained 5lbs overnight! Hahaha. I’m going to try to make some more time to go to a park or something. I just hate going to the park in Arizona. I hate being so paranoid. Arizona is the kidnapping capitol of the USA. I hate my son being ina  position for something liek that to happen, because I believe in letting him play at the playground instead of following him around the slides. I like to let him explore, and that’s scary in a place like this. I can’t wait until we have a house and my son can go outside and play without me having to worry about anything more than stickers and snakes.


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