Week 13


This pregnancy is going by so sloooooowly. During my last pregnancy I had only found out I was pregnant at 8 weeks, so it’s like this time is an entire month longer than last time. Which makes this pregnancy even worse, because last time I wasn’t SICK the entire pregnancy. I’ve been sick for the past 9 weeks give or take!

Speaking of sick, let’s talk about a different kind fo sick, not morning sickness, or pregnancy sickness, but the damn COLD.
I don’t even know if what’s bothering me actually is a cold, since my only symptoms are sneezing and having the worst clogged up sinuses EVER. Seriously, I feel like my eyeballs are going to pop out of my skull because of all the pressure. It’s been like this for at least 4 days already. God-forbid I go anywhere dusty (like Sears, or the mall in general), ACHOO-ACHOO. Followed by even worse bug eyes!
I never get allergies. Now all of a sudden I spend all day and night sneezing. WTF!

This pregnancy is going to kill me.

Let’s review: What happens when a pregnant lady sneezes? SHE PEES.

Just found out a friend is pregnant. I feel like she’s a copy-cat. On the other hand, it’s kind of cool to have someone due a month after me, maybe she’ll start complaining pretty soon and I’ll feel less like I’m being singled-out for the worst pregnancy in history. LOL. I hope she gets a girl, just so the odds will be back in my favor for a boy. Teehehehe.

Only 28 more weeks of pregnancy. I don’t think I can live that long. LOL. It’s hard to belive that in 6 months I’ll have a new baby.
For the past month I’ve been thinking, “WTF WAS I GODDAMN THINKING!?” I’m perfectly content with S being an only child. At least this time I’ll have a helper? -shrug- I don’t like the idea of a new baby taking my time away from my “baby“. I’ve definitely been hugging him extra lately. He hates it, because he’s a “big boy”, and I guess I’m not supposed to hug him so much. Pfft. He’ll always be my baby right?

I’m starting to think this second baby thing was a terrible idea and I can’t belive I let “them” (S and O) talk me into it. Sure I wanted a cute little baby, but I more of just wanted to jump in a time machine and have S be a tiny baby again, he was the definition of a perfect baby. I never lost any sleep, I never had PPD having to do with my son, he was perfect. He’s my baby, you know? Now I feel like this is replacing him somehow, because he’ll be like a little grown up and then there will magically appear this little baby thing.

-sigh- I guess all this is coming from me noticing how much S has grown up in just 2-3 years. I feel like I forgot all the cute baby stuff. The baldness, the wobbly walking, the exploration, the slobbering, diapers, tiny clothes, itty bitty shoes, chewing on the dog, having no teeth, making weird noises…. Sigh. I don’t think I wanted “a baby”, I think I just wanted MY BABY back, you know?

Now, I do feel guilty for saying that, but I know as soon as the new baby is born all those feelings of regret will disappear and we won’t even remember life without him. In my head I think S will always be my favorite. As terrible as that sounds, parents really need to accept that they do pick favorites. Just like my older brother is my mom’s favorite even though he’s no longer with us, and I’m my dad’s favorite because I’ve always loved him for him and I didn’t disown him when he became poor.

Alright, enough hormonal pregnant lady ranting. I’ll update at the end of week 13 like always.


Starting to feel real baby movements, like rolling around. I forgot how creepy it feels to have someone rolling around inside of you, haha! Felt good strong rolling for about 15-20 minutes before accepting that its the baby and not some rumble in my stomach or something. Almost feels like its rolling against my stomach though.

This pregnancy is going to take forever lol.



Sorry I forgot to finish this before Week 13 was over. Not much going on, a couple of times being sick – throwing up, but that’s about it. A couple days ago I talked hubby into buying baby stuf at the store. Nothing really fun, but I got a couple packs of bottles that ere on sale for less than $2 a pack.. And a new thermometer because we needed one. I’ve probably lost it already to join the others in the household black hole. I think I bought a pack of binkies too. I really wanted to find some of those wrap-around t-shirts with the side snap, but they only had them at target, and they were $10 for a pack of 4, TOTAL RIP OFF.

I’m well into week 14 now, so I’m just going to start writing about that.

Sorry again for the late update… If anyone is even reading this! Talk soon.


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