It’s That Time Again…updated

You know, when you’re pregnant and every time you sneeze, breath, MOVE…..and PEE COMES OUT!

This to me, just means that it’s time to go to the store and buy a waterproof bed cover. When I was pregnant with S… Around two weeks from now, gestation-wise, I started wetting the bed.

Believe me, MOST EMBARRASSING TIME OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! I didn’t even tell O about it until a year afterwards at least. I used to wake up and sneak around drying the bed and sleeping on towels. I don’t know how he never found out how bad it was, but there was only one time I had to actually wake him up too.

That was honestly the only thing I hated about my pregnancy last time. I didn’t have sickness and I felt pretty great, although I was terrible as a person, totally moody and irritable; impossible to live with really… ANYWAYS it was around 13-15 weeks when I started to really.. Start having accidents. I’m on week 13 right now, so today’s mission once O gets home is to find somewhere with waterproof bed covers.

If I wasn’t fat I would splurge and buy depends too.

Isn’t pregnancy glamourous? 🙂





Went to Target and got my waterproof mattress cover thingy. $32! Are you nuts?! Well, we needed a new one anyway since our mattress is foam, so its not allowed to get any kind of wet or it shrivels up or something.


I have a cold or something. I thought I was getting allergies at first because my nose closed up, and my sinuses are clogged to the point where my eyeballs feel like exploding. This morning though, I woke up and my throat hurt a little, S is having bouts of coughing pretty hard, so I think O just brought something else home from work, like he brought this weird cold flu thing home before Christmas. Now he’s at a different location for his company. He’s like, “See that’s what you get for not letting us get the flu vaccine.” Umm, NO honey, this isn’t the flu, and if we did get the vaccine, we would have gotten the actual flu a few days afterwards.

I wish he would get sick sometimes. He just brings it home to us and he never spends more than one day having any given sickness. Probably a good thing, because I’m not one for babying and all men are giant babies.


Off topic and TMI: Does anyone else have like beige-ish urine during pregnancy?

I’ve read that it could be just normal dehydration, or I’ve heard from others that when pregnant with a girl you have excess estrogen and it makes the urine darker. I haven’t been drinking nearly enough water, so let’s hope its just that. I haven’t come to terms with the idea of having a female baby yet so I want to avoid that idea.


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