Week 12

This was my last day of week 12 and my third day spending all night up every hour or two going pee! I don’t even drink as much water as I should be on a daily basis, but there it is, like clockwork. I lay down to relax, check the internet things like email, and try to sleep. WHAM – I have to run to the bathroom! An hour later I have to do it again! And so on, until I fall in a really deep sleep, or until my body figures out that it’s completely emptied itself of ever peeing again – until I fill my blood content back up with more water the next day HAHAHA.

So that’s what I’m going through right this second. Actually I just got back from using the toilet before I started writing this post! Tadaaa!

Week 12 started out easy, as you read in week 11, if you read week 11, which was pretty boring so don’t bother.
I thought my morning sickness was going away, week 12 you know, is when everyone claims it starts going away and never returns, right? Right. Well, it was going away, then last night we went grocery shopping and restocked the fridge with nice fresh vegetables, some fresh meats, mint, cilantro, etc, etc. I make a wonderful meal of stir-fried veggies with beef, and yakisoba noodles. Fill my plate with this beautiful colorful, healthy creation, eat all my dinner. THEN I RUN TO THE BATHROOM AS FAST AS I CAN AND IT ALL COMES BACK UP AS SOON AS MY HEAD GOES OVER THE TOILET. To top it all off, I had just put on clean pajamas before I started making dinner. You know what happens as a pregnant lady pukes? SHE PEES. *Sigh* So I change into the pajamas I wore the day before, just in case my body decides to puke again after I eat whatever is leftover in the pan from dinner.
Not enough was left of course, so I felt hungry when I went to bed.
Then I dealt with the up and down hourly runs into the bathroom to empty my bladder.

On the bright side, I’m starting to feel movement again, so my few weeks of feeling nothing must be over and I can’t wait until I get those big old kicks that make it look like an alien is swimming around in there like on AVP.

The hardest part is watching women in my birth group learning the sexes of their babies already, now, even if I was going to a doctor, I wouldn’t find out until at least 20 weeks, that’s a good 2 months away. But I get to wait an entire 7 months to find out what gender of baby I’m having. that could kill a person as impatient as I am LOL!

I signed up for a couple of half-term classes for the semester, Intro To Chinese Medicine, and Intro to Psychology.
I’m also starting my son’s schooling this week, now that we have pencils and crayons…Which I still have to figure out how NOT to lose!
Last week we did mazes and lines for hand coordination, and recognising letters (he’s awesome at reading numbers, but the letters he gets bored with really fast. I guess that’s like most guys, math over reading). This week we’re doing colors – coloring in the lines and picking which item is what color, easy stuff; and still recognising and memorizing letters. He needs to keep working on tracing lines and doing mazes for that coordination, so he can learn to write the letters, maybe by summer he’ll be able to write his name! Knowing my son, I doubt it. He just hates letters!!

This week is the start of Week 13, my first week of my SECOND TRIMESTER! Woohoooo!

Now if only I can find something to do between now and this summer haha!


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