Week 11

Week 11 was pretty much normal.

I’m not getting sick as much (thank God), and I’m almost starting to feel normal again!
Which kind of scares me because I don’t really “feel” pregnant anymore. So I’m in that month-long wait to feel baby actually start to KICK, because I haven’t felt movement in a couple of weeks and it really scares me. I would be totally freaked out if some ladies in my Natural Birth group hadn’t already talked about how they felt baby up to say 10 weeks, then didn’t feel flutters anymore until they felt actual kicks around 15 weeks or so. So that’s about 3-4 weeks away, hopefully baby doesn’t decide to make me wait longer like S did with his wimpy kicking at like 20 weeks!

Food still tastes like crap, no matter what I eat. Well, we did go to a Chinese buffet the other night and they had some really AWESOME garlic shrimp. Which normally I wouldn’t say, but I think this was like the best buffet I’ve been to, even though they didn’t have a ton of selection. They also had Chinese people instead of Mexicans, so that was probably enough to make me happen, even if I couldn’t talk to them because they were Cantonese speakers and not Mandarin, at least they were actually Chinese!

That’s like my biggest pet peeve. Mexicans in every kitchen. Mexicans making Chinese, Thai, Greek, etc ethnic foods. For the most part Mexicans aren’t even good at making Mexican food right unless they’re in Mexico!! My MIL is like the worst cook of Mexican food ever, and she grew up there! Whereas my “Mama”, my best friend’s mom, is the best Mexican cook ever! Maybe that’s because MIL was born here and just grew up there, and Mama was born and raised in Mexico lol. 😀
Hubby and I have a friend who is always complaining that we are “food snobs”. Well I’d rather be a “food snob” than eat disgusting CRAP!!


Ok, so I got a little off topic, LOL. It happens.


On the bright side, I don’t think I’ve acquired “pregnancy brain” yet. So that’s pretty lucky. But I could just think I don’t have it when in reality I do… That’s the problem with things like pregnancy brain, other people notice before you do!

Week 11 I spent at my mom’s because hubby took his week paid vacation and we wanted to get out of this god-forsaken city. I honestly don’t like going to my mother’s, but hubby had a great time, there’s all kinds of stupid tourism places up there that hubby likes to go to, like Jerome, AZ and Sedona, AZ. I spent $220, no, I am NOT happy about that stupid trip LOL. We should have went back to my dad’s and went to the casinos in Laughlin, NV! Or went to Las Vegas just for New Year’s Eve.

But we did set off fireworks in my mom’s back yard so that was pretty cool even though we were freezing to death lol.

There was more snow in Jerome than in Sedona this year, usually there’s no snow in Jerome and a lot in Sedona! Totally backwards. Angry pregnant lady does NOT enjoy freezing to death and walking up and down mountains all day and then spending $50 on dinner! Just to let you know! Hahaha



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