Week 15

(1/25/13) TMI POST! Note to self and all pregnant ladies with morning sickness: CHEW YOUR FOOD REALLY, REALLY WELL!! This morning was the first time my son and I woke up early enough for McDonald’s breakfast since being on vacation last year, so we went to get some breakfast burritos. Well, of course they came back … Continue reading

Food and Pregnancy

Lots of women have aversions to foods they normally like, meaning that they can’t stand the thought of it, during pregnancy. I’m not immune to this. I seriously thought I was for a long time. Things taste a lot different when you’re pregnant, and most things taste like crap, BUT this has never made me … Continue reading

Week 14

Still throwing up on occasion. Ok, a lot this week, usually in the morning/afternoon. Right after I eat something, whatever the first something of the day is, I puke it up. I was down 5lbs from when I got pregnant, but after last night, binging on pizza, crab legs, … and whatever sounded good at … Continue reading

Week 13

(1/13/2013) This pregnancy is going by so sloooooowly. During my last pregnancy I had only found out I was pregnant at 8 weeks, so it’s like this time is an entire month longer than last time. Which makes this pregnancy even worse, because last time I wasn’t SICK the entire pregnancy. I’ve been sick for … Continue reading

Week 12

This was my last day of week 12 and my third day spending all night up every hour or two going pee! I don’t even drink as much water as I should be on a daily basis, but there it is, like clockwork. I lay down to relax, check the internet things like email, and … Continue reading

Week 11

Week 11 was pretty much normal. I’m not getting sick as much (thank God), and I’m almost starting to feel normal again! Which kind of scares me because I don’t really “feel” pregnant anymore. So I’m in that month-long wait to feel baby actually start to KICK, because I haven’t felt movement in a couple … Continue reading