Week 10

Hey everyone, sorry this update is kind of late, usually I post about my week on the day I get to the next week.

Week 10 was Christmas week so I was at my dad’s house up in Northwestern Arizona. It was a pretty uneventful Christmas. Lots of present opening and then we went to eat Christmas dinner at the local buffet.

The entire time I was up there, you have to picture it in your mind, my parents smoke cigarettes. My dad gets angry when I tell him to stop smoking and that I can’t breathe, so he keeps acting like my mom and leaving the house and going for a drive when he gets mad. This is what my mother normally does, I swear half of my child-teenage years she was out for a drive because of something I did to piss her off. LOL. She still does it to this day, but it’s out of character for my father to do this. Of course I’m pregnant and emotional so I start bawling and he gets all nervous and stops being an ass for a minute.

I’m a total daddy’s-girl so I’ve never felt such anger towards my father at his ignorance and just how MEAN he was being. Naturally, like myself, my dad is a grumpy, opinionated person. He’s the kind of person who’s not afraid to send back his food if he doesn’t like it, but he’s never been MEAN or close-minded. As he gets older (he’s 73 now), it just seems like he’s turning into a complete ASSHOLE. He’s acting like an old lady… Like my mother normally acts when she gets in a tizzy. Aren’t old people supposed to get more timid and nice as they get old? My grandparents were very nice and easy-going. I only saw my grandma get mad once, and that’s when my mom royally f*&^ed up.

So anyways, I was having trouble breathing because of all the smoke and my dad was getting mad because I didn’t want him to smoke. When my mom came it was like walking into a bar and into a wall of smoke. If I thought it was bad with just my dad….My mom is a chainsmoker! And unlike my dad, my mom smokes the entire cigarette, whereas my dad smokes half. So she smokes and he smokes, then when she’s done she lights up another one and continues.
Yeah second-hand smoke makes a pregnant lady feel just awesome! In the mornings I couldn’t talk and the rest of the day I was hacking up all kinds of stuff and getting nosebleeds when I blew my nose.

I didn’t really eat much for week 10, but I wasn’t feeling as sick. I did puke up the chili dogs I made that I was craving, but that’s about the only time I was literally SICK. I ate mostly salad when we went to eat at the buffet. All I really ate much of was salad and beef steak. Everything else, I took a few bites and decided it was disgusting. Even Lemon Merengue Pie! … And Pumpkin Pie.


On to Week 11!!




2 thoughts on “Week 10

  1. Hi! I’m so glad to find your blog! I’m having my baby pretty much at the same time as you and we’re doing it unassisted too. That sucks about your dad…the smell of cigarette smoke makes me so queasy right now but most people I know who smoke are considerate of of me and the baby. I hope your morning sickness clears up soon 🙂

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