Week 9

Went off pretty normally for this pregnancy.
I puked 2-3 times this week and towards the end I caught the cold Omar brought home from work which Stacy acquired, and passed it onto me! Oh joy!
The house is a disaster, but the past couple of days I did actually cook food, even if I didn’t get to eat any of it because my taste buds are broken. I made chicken noodle soup last night and ate it though, score! Along with like ten cups of tea because I’m sick and I like tea, haha.
I stopped smoking without even realising it, just like with my last pregnancy. Something in being pregnant makes me quit smoking without ever having the issues quitting would bring if I wasn’t pregnant. Just a natural thing my body does while I’m pregnant, its pretty cool I think.
I’m paranoid about cold medicine this time around, so I’ve been drinking tons of tea and having my Chinese cold syrup and Tylenol PM. I feel better than yesterday, I think. My nose may be worse though…I don’t know.
I totally feel the baby moving around here and there. Its so awesome to actually know what’s going on with my body and know what baby movement feels like. With my last pregnancy I didn’t know Stacy was moving around until I could see it on the outside, because I didn’t know what was going on!
Finally have been pooing, since I got some magnesium citrate. I feel tons better, even if when I started ‘going’ is when I started up with this stupid cold. I still feel like there’s more up there though, haha.

I’m officially in week 10 now so we’ll see how this Christmas week of pregnancy goes!


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