Week 8


Yesterday (Sunday) I puked for the first time. Today wasn’t so bad, but I felt like puking, it just didn’t come. I’m really tired of being constipated. No matter what I do it won’t go away, I even drank an entire bottle of tomato juice and still haven’t gone! I eat the same things as my son, he’s always pooping, I want to poo. I hate this pregnancy! Compared to my last pregnancy this one is so hard. I hope the actual baby itself isn’t as difficult and he/she is in the womb! HAHA.

…. I just had an off-topic rant about germs, immunities and vaccinations… but wonderful wordpress deleted them and autosave after it did so so I lost everything I said… I’m going to have to start writing these in word documents and then copy pasting them here. I hate technology….


Today marks the end of Week 8 and I have to say, minus the puking the other day, this week has been better than the last.

I do feel small movements here and there, which I thought Impossible until reading from other women in my birth group, many women have felt movements this early. I think its kind of a been there done that sort of thing, if I didn’t know what movements felt like I would just ignore it. Gas and a moving baby are two completely different feelings.
I have thought before that they were just phantom kicks, but that normally happens after you give birth and feel like the baby is still there after having been kicked for months.
I guess it will be more real when I get the creepy moving stomach kind of kicks. Like an alien is trying to be out.

I’m still having issues with constipation, but funnily enough, I had some microwave dinners and I’m starting to poo more. I don’t want to know what’s in those things to make that happen, but I’m kind of grateful. Nothing else works. I can’t eat meat without retching so I’ve been pretty much having yogurt and apples and veggies. I even ate a salad the other day, and we all know I haste green leafy things. It even had spinach! I really hate spinach.

I bought a roast to make, but hubby needs to do the dishes and take out the trash so I haven’t gotten it started. I hope I can eat it! Maybe meatloaf I will be able to eat instead….

Speaking of hubby, I’m getting tired of him never coming home after work until like 5. He gets off at 2:30-3 then has been going skateboarding.
He was never home the first time I was pregnant because he was out drinking with his buddies the whole time. I might actually kill him this time if he doesn’t start being around more.

That’s all I have on thoughts for this week, I am starting to feel pretty steamed at the idea of hubby not coming straight home, so unless you want a rant about that I’m going to close this one!


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