Week 7


Well, it’s pretty much gone off without a hitch.
I’m still feeling sick all the time, though over the past few days the intensity has decreased to about half the day with sickness vs. all day. All in spurts of course. Morning and night, afternoon, at least 5-6 times each day. Dry heaving. Lovely. 🙂


Today I puked for the first time. I had just finished my lunch and then got the watery mouth and ran to the bathroom, only to puke and swallow it halfway there. Pregnancy is so damn glamourous! *eyeroll*
Tomorrow starts week 8 and the ending of my fall semester of college, which is funny because it’s the 8th week of my class that’s ending. I have to take my exam and do my class evaluation. I don’t really feel like studying because I can’t sit on the computer very long before I feel sick and need to close my eyes and relax again. As soon as O gets home from work I’m whining about how I hate him for doing this to me haha!
I’m thinking about taking a hiatus to my dad’s for the rest of the month just to be somewhere else and relax. O is working 56 hours a week now, so I really only get to see him for 5 hours a night before he goes to bed after he gets home from work. I’m tired of feeling lonely, and it’s so close to Christmas, my favorite time of year, the one major time no one should be alone. O only gets Christmas Day off work too, so instead of our normal trip for Christmas we would have to drive up the 24th and drive home on Christmas.

So Week 7 has really kicked off the beginning of my “depressed pregnant lady” phase. When I start whining about how I never se O and he doesn’t want to come home and how he doesn’t care, etc, etc… Not a nice time, my main bitchy time of pregnancy. Of course last time it didn’t come until like 15 weeks at least, everything is here too soon with this pregnancy.

My wish of the week?

I wish that food would start tasting normal again, because I’m really sick of everything tasting wrong and gross, even things I love.
On the other hand, passionfruit tea tastes even better!


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