Adriana’s Unassisted BREECH Birth Story

Used with permission from owner to share a fabulous unasssisted home breech birth!

*Lincoln’s Birth Story*

I had mild contractions throughout the night but nothing unusual for me or even painful or uncomfortable. Finally woke up about 930am and laid in bed chatting with Chris. Contractions started to become intense so I got up to use the bathroom. I had a very small bit of spotting when I wiped and thought I may be going into labor or losing my mucus plug. The contractions started to get to the point where I was moaning and telling Chris not to talk to me during one but then I’d joke in between. About 1015/1030 he drew me a hot bath thinking it may help the pain. I was in denial and thought it’d stop the contractions because I was convinced it wasn’t labor. We have a standing shower right next to our tub so as I sat in there Chris decided to take a shower to get ready for our long day ahead. I called my sister to come pick up my 2year old so he wouldn’t need to ask us for lunch or help with the potty. As he was washing his hair I felt the urge to push and only then knew I WAS IN LABOR! I told him “he’s coming out!!” He jumped out of the shower without rinsing with his hands out like he was going to catch him (lol) and I fought the urge. I made him rinse and throw some clothes on. Finally something came out, I thought was a foot. It was the amniotic sac still in tact like a grapefruit size water balloon between my legs. I wasn’t prepared for that at all! I tried to call a couple ladies for help over the phone. No answers. I had Chris look to make sure no feet or umbilical cord was floating around. Everything looked great. We knew baby was breech so we decided to try to get to the bed for an all fours position. Drained the tub and the sac broke. I got from the tub to the bed (now 1130) barely made it on to the bed. I tried not to push waiting for the fetal ejection reflex. Then  it started happening (1140) his butt came out and he pooped the marconium. Then his legs came out. His body started sliding out, then one arm then another. I asked if he was moving and Chris said yes! Then bottom half of his face and then the rest of his head! Chris caught him before he flopped to the bed. It took me a minute to try to turn over. We both cried! The cord was short so I just huddled over him. I rubbed his back a little to get him to cry or clear his chest. He gave out a whimper and started to pink up. About 40 min later I was able to deliver the placenta after he nursed a bit. We just soaked it all in!! I took a shower and ate. Nursed him again and bathed him. I was really crampy (worse then the contractions) was feeling a bit shaky (thinking from the adrenalin rush) and a little light headed so we decided to get check out. We are currently staying only the night in Labor and delivery but we are perfect!! My blood pressure is normal. Bleeding is normal. No tears. Baby is great!! His lungs are great, heart is perfect, hips are perfect!! They just want him to have a once over with the pediatrician in the morning and we are good to go. The hospital staff was surprised I delivered at home and breech! They’ve been nice. Not pushy or intrusive.

As always, Congratulations on your inspiring birth Adriana!


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